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  1. It’s really annoying and I’m thinking maybe there’s something wrong with my UX! I do a 50 mile round trip on the motorway. No traffic. Gets 40mpg at max. This is normal mode and staying around 70-75. The car definitely improves mpg for shorter journeys which is how it’s set up I think - urban crossover. Il monitor it over the next few weeks as I’m 1000 miles in and maybe get it checked if no improvement
  2. Gary thanks for the reply what mode do you drive in? I do a mix of motorway and short commutes but seem to only get 40mpg. Can’t get any better and wondering where I am going wrong. I would be happy with 350 out of a tank but 275 is horrendous
  3. So can anyone tell me how many miles they are getting out of a full tank? It seems absolutely tiny and isn’t even lasting me for a weeks worth of commuting. Seems to get to 275 miles with 40-50 left on range.... appreciate other UX owners feedback
  4. So here’s my fuel updates in the 2 weeks I’ve had it.... MPG - I do a lot of motorway miles and it’s ok. Gets just about 40mpg. Seems to do a lot better, high 40s, for shorter journeys. Changing to sport is having little/no effect on mpg. May actually increase it a little on motorway? Testing this theory currently... Fuel Tank - one thing I definitely don’t like is the tank size is really small and I need to fill up a lot more often. Get just over 300 miles out of a tank where as my previous small hatch was 450 If anyone has any tips on getting better mpg please do share!
  5. Mines are fitted with Bridgestone Turanza RFs. Is it possible to have the mirrors power fold when locking the car? Can’t seem to find an ‘auto’ switch anywhere The 50.2mpg trip, what kind of speed/setting was the car in? I do a 50 miles motorway commute to work and back and seem to be getting around early 40s also is there a way to see the mpg on trip A and trip B ? Thanks in advance
  6. So just picked up my Lexus UX from Glasgow. Black with red leather interior. Lovely looking car and possibly first one in the area from what the sales man said Anyone else collected theirs yet? Looking for some info around a couple of things! Thanks
  7. Anyone care to share details of their deal when placing an order? Thanks!
  8. Hi First post in the forums as I’m looking to purchase a Lexus UX. Was wondering if anyone here as ordered one and when the expected delivery is? Also what kind of deal they got/terms? Thanks in advance