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  1. Dear Lexus owners, Do you know an independent Lexus specialist in Surrey or West London for front suspension work ( front wishbone bushes starting to perish ) Lexus Twickenham quoted £1,600 for replacement and the two new arms are around £300. I think a good local Independent garage would be able to do it for much less I hope. This recommendation work come as an advisory on the last MOT. There is no noise or any problems with the front suspension, but if the rubber is cracked it needs to get replaced. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi RX lovers, Here is a link with the new 2020 RX450h which will be for sale in the US next year. Very positive review as well and finally Apple CarPlay and Android Auto together with a touch screen. I hope we are going to get the same specs here in the UK. All the best and keep driving the smooth RX's
  3. Herbie you are probably right. Maybe Darius is the first to fit a cover(s) to pre 2011 model. It looks much better Darius. Let us know if you manage to do the front as well. If you provide info on cost and how difficult is to install the covers, maybe other pre 2011 owners can do the same.
  4. Hi Elizabeth, If you can afford a 450h even 2009 it is much better than 400h. Hope you will find the right one
  5. Hi Ken, The RX450h is a very reliable car. Get a good example with Lexus service and the only time you need to go to the dealer is for the next service. All the best
  6. Hi Amit, The best is to fill the tank up as soon as a low fuel light come on. The fuel protects the inside of the tank and lubricates the fuel pump. If you are able to get only 57 litres maybe there are 8 litres left in the tank which are needed to cool and lubricate the fuel pump. If you are so brave, maybe get a full petrol can with you and keep driving until the tank is completely empty. Not sure if the engine will start with just adding fuel. Maybe it is easier and cheaper, just to go to a petrol station as soon as a low fuel light comes on. On another note. If you are doing 380 miles from 57 litres of fuel, this is 6.66 miles for every litre. If you have 80 litres tank in the Lexus you could do 533 miles. (6.66 x 80 = 533) I hope that helps. I do not think you have an air in the tank, just Lexus does not want you to run empty, due to fuel pump potential damages, which might be a costly replacement and not a great relatability advert.
  7. RX450h is an improvement on RX400h. Both are great cars. I have tried RX400h and find the RX450h better for me. If you are getting something make sure it is either just after 100K with Lexus history and stamps or something below 75K. The 100K could be pricey service. All the best. Keep us posted.
  8. Dear Lexus owners, I had my first Lexus service and although very good customer service, I was left with a bitter taste. I was send a video showing rubber cracked on the front wishbone bushes and a quote of £1,600+ to replace both front arms. I have then called a mechanic I know from a long time and he inspected the car to find out there is nothing wrong with the front wishbone bushes apart from the rubber is cracked. There are no movements or noises when driving the car. In fact the mechanic told me most of RX450h and RX400's are going to still have the original front wishbone bushes although they have cracked rubber. He told me the cracks on my car seems to be there since 2014 or 2015 when the car was 2 or 3 years old and he told me they could stay like that for another 5 to 6 years. I would highly appreciate your knowledge on the matter and if someone got the front wishbone bushes replaced at what age and mileage please? Thank you in advance.
  9. I have the same Advance model and have DAB radio. One press changes from AM and DAB. Have a look on top of the screen when you press the button and it will show if it is on AM or DAB. I am sure you can switch from the mouse as well from the main menu. If you have a Lexus dealer near by, just ask them for help. Or Toyota
  10. Check if you have AM DAB button on the left end side of your FM dash button. That will change to DAB if you keep pressing it. There are a lot of videos how to retune your DAB or you can buy something like that: Hope that helps
  11. Hi Bob, Have a look at this link: The car is 20 years old and looks in a very good shape. Maybe you can show it to your in laws
  12. Hi Bob, 2007 Lexus will not make you look like a pimp or gangster in the UK. Ask your in laws what they are suggesting and if they insist on BMW or Merc or Audi and are happy to buy you one then all good, you will have enough for repairs. If they are not planning on buying the car for their grand children, maybe tell them the Lexus is very safe and reliable and even if it has a big engine it is a petrol and the car is very strong will do more miles than the German brands in more comfort. At the end of the day it is your money and your safety and you can't go wrong with a large Lexus. Keep us updated.
  13. Lexus hybrid is a very complex car. I have a very close friend who is a car mechanic for over 20 years and up to the Lexus was looking after my previous cars. When I asked him to service the Lexus, he said I am not experienced with hybrids and you are better off to go to Lexus or another hybrid specialist. If you do not want to go to Lexus main dealer you have to find someone who knows Lexus hybrid systems.
  14. Dear Piers, RX450h is a very good and reliable SUV. I have purchased one RX450h 2012 Advance in May 2018 with 161,000 on the clock and all Lexus stamps. One company purchase it new and use it to go four times around our planet( I am joking, they used it mainly on a motorway journeys, hence the high mileage) The economy was not on our list when we were looking for SUV with over 2000kg empty. If you are driving carefully in the summer you will get 35mpg in the winter 30mpg. We ruled out diesel options for many reasons, but mainly problems with particulate filter because of our short trips and the government turn on diesel cars which will become very difficult to sell in 3-5 years time. Our options were limited. I wanted Prius + or Outlander PHEV, we test drive both and no chance compared to the RX450h. The car is so smooth and relaxed, you will like it. If you need to go fast or overtake, there is a lot of power on demand from the V6 and the 2 electrical motors. The CVT is absolute gem and pleasure to drive. Very smooth and linear acceleration without the jerkiness of the auto box. We got a courtesy LL Discovery Sport with 240bhp diesel with 600miles on the clock and 7 seats for a week while our insurance company repaint a scratched door on our Lexus. Me and my wife did not like the Discovery Sport compared to the RX450h. Most of Lexus owners look after their cars well and in Lexus garage. The customer service from Lexus is top class. You will not find a better place to service your Lexus( please note I am not working for Lexus) When you do service with Lexus they offer a free health check on the hybrid system with 12 months warranty. I would recommend that to you. If you budget for Lexus services, then your other expenses will be low and mainly consumables like tires, break disks, light bulbs etc. It is very important what are you planing on using the car for. If you are going to do short town trips as we do and a rare motorway trip the car is perfect. If you are going to do over 20,000 mainly motorway miles, then you are not going to have the full benefit of the hybrid system which is for low speeds and stop and start London's traffic. Keep us updated and send some photos when you manage to get one. You will not be disappointed. On the last fill up, we did 350miles from 55 litres, which is around 29 mpg but I like to use my right foot deeper and to feel that acceleration. Our previous petrol 1.8 Toyota Verso could not do 29mpg
  15. Hi Andrew, Did you read my previous post with regards the MOT history? DVLA got the car as RX450h and MOT's looks OK and low miles. It might have been a write off and repaired. But I think they need to declare that and show documents for the repairs.