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  1. Only if you purchase the extended warranty before it's 10 years old. I bought a 2008 at the start of the year (with warranty for until Feb 2020). Spoke to Lexus to see if I could buy another 2 years and they said no - their system wouldn't accept it as the car is past that 10 year mark.
  2. "A ISF V8" A15 FVB £250 on DVLA website, I was tempted! But went for something personal to me instead!
  3. So my search is over! I'm now the proud owner of this car 😁 Credit goes to Mark who has added some really nice, subtle mods and kept the car in great condition. I'm going to spend the next few weeks getting used to it and enjoying it. Not got any major plans for it in the future.. nothing is needed! Looking forward to attending some events too. Cheers, Nick
  4. I've enquired about this one and they have confirmed that is is being sold on behalf of a friend, so they aren't too aware of it's history. It is tempting with the low price, but not worth the risk given the patchy history, to me anyway. And as above, lack of wheel nuts is just laughable - 4 missing!
  5. Hi all, I've had my first look at one today and I've noticed something - on the steering wheel there is the cruise control button but on some models this is a sports button? Looking on autotrader not all the facelift models have the sport button and some have the ACC button? I thought ALL the facelifts had the sport button?
  6. Hi all, I am leaving my company car scheme to get an allowance instead as the mileage I now do is quite low. I have been looking at ISF's on the usual places, PH, AT & Ebay and currently none are attracting me - the lower mileage ones are outside my price range and the earlier models to me seem over priced. Realistically I am looking to spend 15-18k as I would like to keep some money aside for inevitable jobs that will need doing. I was just curious if anyone here is looking to sell or could point me in the direction of some other cars up for sale (which aren't listed on the above sites)? Thanks, Nick