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  1. BigDingus

    Parrot ISO

    Del thanks for helping. I don't know why but I've just got your message. I'll investigate it now.
  2. Hello guys. (And girls) I’ve discovered my suspension ECU is faulty. Its part number is 89293-48012 which are like hens teeth. I can however get 89293-48013 (note last number) Lexus parts say 89293-48014 is interchangeable but can’t say if 89293-48013 is or not. Can anyone on here say if it is or not? Or if you know how I can find out.
  3. BigDingus

    Part Number

    Almost. Got as far as checkout then it went to the dogs. However I’ve found one one EBay that looks promising, but the part number is one out. Lexus can’t tell me if they’re interchangeable or not. Going to start a thread on it.
  4. BigDingus

    Part Number

    Managed to get it with Chrome. Cheers
  5. BigDingus

    Part Number

    I don't have google chrome, but I've tried an old version of IE, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. None of them do this. I may have to just have to install Chrome.
  6. BigDingus

    Part Number

    Herbie I've now been able to try 3 different browsers. All the same. No English. Shame as would have bought it. My search continues. Thanks for trying though.
  7. Hi guys. I’ve trawled the internet for information on this. The wiring diagrams I’ve found are really poor. My suspension compressor isn’t running. I’ve found that the suspension relay isn’t being switched. The relay is good. When the load side is shorted the compressor runs ok. If I put a supply to the positive side of the relay switch+ the pump works ok. So the conclusion is the relay isn’t receiving a trigger signal. My problem is, where does this switch signal come from. If anyone can give me a hint please.
  8. Well that was an ordeal. Finally found it behind the rea bumper on the drivers side.
  9. OldTrout that’s exactly the ones. Saves a fortune.
  10. Guys I mistakenly asked OldTrout a question instead of Lukas. I've now messaged Lukas direct. In the meantime if anyone can tell me where to find this solenoid I’d be grateful.
  11. BigDingus

    Part Number

    Thanks Herbie but I couldn't understand a word on that site, let alone order anything. No English button
  12. Hello folks. Im about to replace an ECU for my suspension on my RX300. Having check one knew from the dealer (£800) I decided to try a bid site. Here lies the problem. The part I need is 89293-48012 but the parts on bid are 89293-48011 and 89293-48013. Close but ......... Can anyone tell me if this digit is significant, or are the parts interchangeable?
  13. BigDingus

    Unit Location

    I’ve finally managed to find the air suspension module. It hides behind the panel at the driver’s knee. (See photo) I’m posting this for others in the future.