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  1. After much investigation I finally found a leak at the strut. Unfortunately I can only hear it. Soapy water doesn't show exactly where either. So I'm going to take the strut off to examine it properly. Can anyone tell me if there is a refurbish kit available?
  2. I’ve now traced the pipe from the pump to the strut with no leak found. Does anyone know what happens on a strut over charged. What I mean is, if you remove weight from the car and the car rises. How is the excess pressure released? I assume there will be a solenoid and if so, where.
  3. What I also find strange is that it doesn’t run the pump to raise it again.
  4. I can’t see or hear anything. If I move the sensor arm to trick it into thinking it’s low, the car doesn’t try to raise it.
  5. Hi folks. My RX300 2004 has developed a fault where the rear left lowers to it’s lowest position a few minutes after start. When I start the engine I can hear the pump run. The car raises to it’s height on all four corners, then this one lowers. I’ve replaced the suspension ECU and checked all the sensors using a multimeter. All of them perform the exact same. So i’ve concluded it can’t be either the ECU or the sensor. Does anyone know what the cause could be or a solution to this? To be 100% sure I was going to change the sensor, but they can be very expensive. I did find a cheap one for the right side, but I don’t know if the sensor is interchangeable.
  6. Matt you've managed to accumulate a massive amount of info here, but I think your efforts may be in vane. I visit a local stereo company for advice. They told me this problem has raised it's head many times over the years. Apparently a Parrot system can't be fitted to the RX as there is not an ISO made for it. Also the amplifier is under one of the seats which causes a fitting issue. He warned me not to listen to Parrot or Halford support who will say it's possible. The only way is your way. DIY
  7. Thanks Matt. Mine looks like the top photo. However, like you I've been trying for a couple of months. Now doing
  8. Jam thanks for your input. I was in contact with parrot support. Each request I made to them asking to verify the correct part, was met with a message offering a link. When I followed the link it was dreadful. Couldn't make out if it had the correct plugs. When I pointed this out to them, guess what......... They sent me the same link. After 4 attempts at this I contacted their Facebook support. Yes, they sent me the same link. I gave up on Parrot support and now looking for what you suggested. I will probably never touch Parrot stuff again. Cheers
  9. Del thanks for helping. I don't know why but I've just got your message. I'll investigate it now.
  10. Hello guys. (And girls) I’ve discovered my suspension ECU is faulty. Its part number is 89293-48012 which are like hens teeth. I can however get 89293-48013 (note last number) Lexus parts say 89293-48014 is interchangeable but can’t say if 89293-48013 is or not. Can anyone on here say if it is or not? Or if you know how I can find out.
  11. Almost. Got as far as checkout then it went to the dogs. However I’ve found one one EBay that looks promising, but the part number is one out. Lexus can’t tell me if they’re interchangeable or not. Going to start a thread on it.
  12. I don't have google chrome, but I've tried an old version of IE, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. None of them do this. I may have to just have to install Chrome.
  13. Herbie I've now been able to try 3 different browsers. All the same. No English. Shame as would have bought it. My search continues. Thanks for trying though.