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  1. Hi Jay.

    I did at lot of work on my RX300 suspension.

    I learned loads thru working on it and my research. So here we go.

    If it's only the one that is lowering then it is a result.

    You say you had the unit replaced, so I'm worndering why. Was it lowering before, hence the replacement.

    Has the garage fitted the unit properly, or not connected the air pipes correctly.

    If we assume the refit was done ok, then there is only two things that can be at fault. The sensor or the ECU. Either is cheap and one can be tested and repaired. The ECU can't.

    The first one to test is the sensor. I pray for you that it's not the front one as it's not easy to remove. The rear one is simple and quick to remove.

    To test the sensor you will need a multimeter.

    If you need to check it there's a good youtube video

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  2. Britprius, I found that one of the black guides had broken and one had cracks in it.

    I've had this car from almost new, so I know it's now been abused.

    The plunger that takes up the slack was only just touching the guide.

    So glad I did this much.

    Mostly rebuilt now, just waiting on the pipe that has a 2 week delivery from Japan.

  3. Hi Britprius.

    I watched numerous YouTube videos. Loads of informative stuff that's been helpful. That said they are also a bit misleading.

    I tried to free the timing chain cover plate, literally for hours. Trying all I could, until my patience ran out and I resorted to strength (temper) and pulled a little harder. Only then did I find out that the oil scavenger pipe is actually bolted to the place. Not as the videos indicated. None show it to be bolted. So, new pipe ordered at £98 from Lexus.

    For anyone reading this in the future, to access the the nuts that connect the oil scavenger pipe to the front plate, you need to drop the steering rack and then drop the 'large' sump. You'll need to access four bolts in the 'small' sump. There are also two nuts that are very difficult to reach. I had to remove some of the bell housing so I could get a socket in.

    As you say I could have just changer the chain, but I went for fitting a chain kit that has all the timing components.

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  4. Thanks Britprius.

    I checked your hint before I started. The tensioner was at it's limit. Didn't even know that plate was there.

    Stripped the engine to where I remove the timing chain cover plate.

    I've struck a problem. The plate is loose and all the sealant is split. However I can't remove the plate. Something is holding it.

    Does anyone know if there is something behind the plate the holds it in place, or is there a key, or something, on the sump plate?

    I don't want to use too much force.

  5. Sorry for not replying guys. Never got any notification of replies.

    Thanks Beamish.

    Newbie I have reset it everytime I swap or replace a sensor.

    My local garage said it's probably the chain if I've investigated the sensors the way I have.

    I managed to get a chain sensor for £147 new. Lexus don't do them.

  6. Hi folks. 

    My is250 2007 is showing P017 fault code, which brings on warning lights on the dash. I’ve replaced the sensor but to no avail. 

    Before I set about replacing the timing chain (big job), can anyone tell me how long a chain should last for. I want to make sure it’s the chain  

    My milage is 80,000 ish.

  7. Yes The-Acre. It’s fully charged and holds it’s charge well.

    When I run the self diagnostics it gives a code of 00 which is no faults.

    When on is selected on the ac the car revs change up, so the car thinks all is good. It’s only then that the ac shuts down and it announces ‘check air conditioning’ (Or similar).

    I’m going to remove the pump and check it.

    Thanks for posting. 

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  8. My aircon compressor clutch isn’t firing on my RX300 2004.

    My clutch turns quite easily. The connection gets 12v when I switch the ac on then quickly switches off. I assume because the clutch doesn’t spool up.

    I’ve tried a direct feed to the compressor but it still doesn’t get the clutch to fire.

    I can only assume the coil is faulty, so if I can get a coil I will.

    This leads me to my question. Does anyone know if this coil is available anywhere?

    Also does anyone know what the three pins in the connection are?

    Before I purchase one I will be checking if it’s definitely blown.

  9. I got myself Lexus Diagnostic software. In there is an option to reconfigure certain things in the car. Or so I’m told. 

    However, when I try to access this it asks for my car’s reconfigure code. 

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  10. PCM. If found out that switch was there early on. Why Lexus don't put it out the way beats me. It's definitley on.

    Herbie. While following your suggestions I decided to have a more in-depth look at one of the sensors.

    When I opened it up I discovered on of the gold coloured springs had some decay. While quite difficult to see I used some abrqasion to clean in. I probably missed it on the last clean.

    Once put back on the car everything was perfect.

    Once again thanks for everyone's input.



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  11. Guys I took your advice and got a second hand one which took weeks to arrive.

    Lexus charge the same as a small house for one of these.

    The bad news is. The part was fine but now I have a new problem.

    I now have an RX300 2004 on which the suspension won't raise.
    So I tested the relay which was fine (I have 2).
    I then tested the pump by shorting the relay connections. Pump works fine.
    I replaced the ECU for the suspention, but still the suspention won't run the pump.
    I have diagnostic software but there is no fault showing.
    I've removed the Battery power for 30 minutes. Then again for a few hours.
    I've taken ALL of the level sensors off and cleaned inside them and also checked them by using a multimeter. All the values were the same.
    I've checked all the connection to the sensors.

    Still after all this, the pump won't run and I get a light on the dash flashing AFS (Automatic Froantlight Sensor)

    Does anyone know of a solution?