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  1. Hi do you use any app on your phone or does microcast work by just connecting to the phone without an ap.
  2. Must be the worst infotainment system on any car. Nothing is perfect.
  3. Hi Grums its a disgrace that Lexus are very aware of the issue and have not addressed it. If the nx was not of a high standard in other areas I would have got rid. But for ride comfort and the finish of the car is first class.
  4. I have a Lexus nx 300h 2018 year, and have been trying to connect my Samsung note 8 to mirrocast in the hope that I can use google maps or Wayxe rather than try to read information on the terrible screen provided on the car. I find the street names are not bold enough as when driving are hard to pick out. I have followed the instructions in the handbook but mirrorcast cannot connect. Or is mirrorcast not meant to work in this country any advice would be welcome.