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  1. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/451425-mirrors-no-longer-adjust.html https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/522148-mirror-adjustment-switch.html You simply have clean the connectors with wd40 contact cleaner.
  2. Most of what you've listed are minor : The side morrors not tilting on reverse is common and is an easy peasy fix. 15 minute job. Struts are ~ £20 from ebay or AliExpress. Stag LPG system would probably need a service at around £30. You couldn't get the boot to open because it might have been locked. You can insert your key to unlock it. Parking sensors not working are common. Easy fix on Club lexus USA or get some sensors at ~£5 per sensor. Bumper respray at around £100 each bumper. Leather probably need cleaning so a good cleaner is Autoglym from amazon. Works fantastic. £20 including micro fibre cloth. You'd probably want to service it for peace of mind. So oil, filters, cabin filter etc all in around £100. It's £50 for labour here in Birmingham. Its an LPG so you'd want to change the spark plugs. For quality iridium sparks around £60 for 8. I paid £40 to get them changed. Offer him £1000.
  3. Say one was drunk enough to by one that supposedly has had it done then is there a way that one can check to see if its done. Like visually. Can the belt be seen?
  4. Hi RgrWynne Mine's 180k. Ive been told to put it on a computer first as see if anything comes up. Currently there's no warning lights on the dash. Still struggling to find a mechanic who'll do the oil change.
  5. Thanks for that ambermarine Do you recon a solenoid is a major and expensive job?
  6. Hello I'll be changing the auto gearbox oil in my 2003 LS430. How many litres will I need.? I'm not thinking of doing the full drain. Just a quick gear oil change because its starting to get rough when changing from the 2nd to the 1st. Also should I use only the original or are there any alternatives? Thanks
  7. Hi BarchelorDays What if the oil smells oily and is smooth but its brown? Does the oil have to be red? And also is changing the oil a big job.? I sure can't afford to go to the stealers for sure.
  8. Graham G Fortunately the previous owner had installed an external radiator (pictured). Dont know if it's doing its function though. There doesn't seem to be any water in the oil when I checked the oil level. Mind you the oil was brownish with very slight signs of redness. So brown with a very slight hind of red. But you'd probably have to stare at it to see the read. Also not sure where the level of oil should be. When I checked just now (hot engine) its level was just above the first level indicator indent. The car has been looked after. It's currently at 180k mileage. I've attached some pictures.
  9. Hello I've noticed on occasions that my LS430 (2003 - pre Face-lift) down shifts from 2nd to 1st roughly. Meaning I can feel in downshifting. It doesn't do it all the time though. I, 95% of the time drive locally school runs Asda etc. Not sire of this is relevant. Up shift is smooth and I don't even notice changes. Is it one foot in the grave for my gearbox? Time to look for a new car?? Hope not. 😞 Previous owner did mention that he'd flushed and replaced oil but didn't check. Any assistance would be welcomed.
  10. RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance Cheap car insurance for LS430. You'll need a garage for your car. No effect on insurance on LPG. I'm paying a higher price for my 2003 LS430 LPG'd at £480 a year.
  11. Hello I've got an LPG converted 2003 pre Face-lift LS430 with 178k miles on it. Changed spark plugs last week. The mechanic noticed small cracks on a few coils. Since a few days now I've noticed the car doesn't start first time. A crank or 2 does gets it going. No lights on dash. Recently serviced it also. I feel that this is the start of some issue that I'd like to resolve before it gets bad. I'm sure it's not the spark plugs. What else can it be.? Fuel pump? Fuel filter? Injectors? Please help. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your advice. I'll be going ahead with a spark plug change as the previous owner who had it for 6 years hadn't changed then in his ownership. So perhaps a few new sets of sparkies might do it good. These ngk iridiums are bloody expensive. But I'll have to cough out the dosh to get it done with some peace of mind.