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  1. RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance Cheap car insurance for LS430. You'll need a garage for your car. No effect on insurance on LPG. I'm paying a higher price for my 2003 LS430 LPG'd at £480 a year.
  2. Hello I've got an LPG converted 2003 pre Face-lift LS430 with 178k miles on it. Changed spark plugs last week. The mechanic noticed small cracks on a few coils. Since a few days now I've noticed the car doesn't start first time. A crank or 2 does gets it going. No lights on dash. Recently serviced it also. I feel that this is the start of some issue that I'd like to resolve before it gets bad. I'm sure it's not the spark plugs. What else can it be.? Fuel pump? Fuel filter? Injectors? Please help. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your advice. I'll be going ahead with a spark plug change as the previous owner who had it for 6 years hadn't changed then in his ownership. So perhaps a few new sets of sparkies might do it good. These ngk iridiums are bloody expensive. But I'll have to cough out the dosh to get it done with some peace of mind.
  4. Hello Getting my LS430 LPG converted. I've read that the spark plugs should be changed. Which ones do members recommend? And also how often should they be changed? Also do I really need to install the Flash lube system? Thanks
  5. Yeah I guess learn through mistakes. I'm actually thinking of changing the engine oil next. Shouldn't be difficult. Thanks guys.
  6. I guess I'll have to just leave it to the experts next time. But yes that's was pretty stupid of me.
  7. Resolved the issue. Thanks to a member's advise who told me to check my wheel nuts. I checked my wheel nuts. And omg guess what? some were loose! So I tightened them all and the knocking is now gone. Thank god the tyre didn't come off.
  8. The knocking occurs when I'm driving on low speeds at around 20-30mph. I tightened the 2 bolts as tight as I could.
  9. Hello I decided to demonstrate my DIY skills to my second half and followed the tutorials on here and changed the front pads and discs myself. I went for a test drive. However I can hear a knocking sound which I'm sure is coming from my DIY brake job.. What do members think it is? I don't want to drive the Lex because I feel it might be dangerous. Thanks
  10. Hello Was wondering if members are using their LS430 cars as daily drivers? Currently I have 2 cars: a daily run about (cheap citroen) and the LS430. However, I can't afford to run 2 cars so I'm thinking of converting the LS430 to LPG and using it as my daily driver. I manage to do around 100 miles a week to work and back plus school runs Asda trips etc. So most if not all my driving is local. Thanks
  11. Hi So it was a nice and sunny morning and I decided to change my number plate bulbs to LED. So I removed the cover and just next to the number plate bulb housing I found a cable which looked untouched and I couldn't find anywhere it could fit. Could it be for the reverse camera? Mine is a 2003 LS430 Non air suspension , without reverse camera, blinds and fridge. Thanks