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  1. Hi The idle rpm is normal and where it always was during my year of ownership. Thanks
  2. Hello I've got a 2003 LS430 with 188k on it. LPG converted. The latest issue is that it suddenly stalls. I think it's getting worse because it stalls every other day. I'll stop and the traffic lights or to give way and suddenly the car is off. I was always under the assumption that automatics don't stall. What do you think is up with it.?
  3. Car: 2003 LS430 Hello So, at some speed and when turning there was some grinding noise from the front drivers side . So I changed the wheel hub and the noise mostly disappeared. Now the grinding is back again.! And I'm sure it's from the place. What can be causing this? Perhaps the replacement hub was knackered (as it was original second hand). Or may be something else? Also when I reverse out of my drive I can hear a knocking sound which is most likely coming from the same place as the grinding noise. Not sure if this is related in anyway. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello there Herbie Many thanks for the advise. I'll definitely be going back to this project to 'clean up'. I have to admit that i did it in a rush and probably it is a semi-cowboy job 🤠 but hey it works. I'll defiantly be sorting out the connection for the red wire as I admittedly did just poke the wire in to the plug. Again cowboy 🤠 I could have routed the cable through the braided sleeve but didn't because I didn't want to mess with the mechanism and screw it up. So I simply ran the wire along it and zip tied it. Now, when I close the boot lid there's around 10cm of wire that sticks out but it doesn't get in my way. the square hole I pushed the wire through isnt really sharp at all. I guessed that the wire won't be touched or move so I didn't put a grommet around it. Though I will be doing it when I 'clean up' the project just to be on the safe side. Again thanks for the tips. I've attached some pictures of the mirror. I think it looks pretty neat and the mini sun visor just on top of the mirror hides away the cables.
  5. My 2003 LS430 didn't have a reverse camera so I started researching and found that it's a pretty involved process. So I thought I'd install a reverse camera mirror which simply fits over the existing rear view mirror. It's a pretty cool piece of kit which records the front of the car as well as the rear. I chose to go for the Yi Mirror which was a cheap £60 mirror because it's long enough to go over the existing mirror. A 10 inches mirror will not fit. 12 inches and over would fit. It's pretty easy to install the camera. I simply attached it to the the empty space where the camera was supposed to go. Thereafter I hooked the red wire to the reverse wire. Easy peasy. Now THE HARD BIT. I couldn't figure out how to route the camera wire (which is supposed to attached to the rear view camera mirror) from the boot lid to inside the car. Thanks to forum member The-Acre who gave me some valuable guidance. to get the wire in to the car you'll have to remove the upper lining out of the boot, which you'll need to do to access the wires anyway, there is a small hole in the metal panel just below the parcel shelf. This is the only area I found. It may not seem ideal but it looked fine when it was done. From the boot you need to locate this hole which is on the left hand side. You need to poke a small screwdriver or similar up into the hole which with a bit of effort and twisting will pierce the shelf. once the wire is through then it's pretty easy to route the wire. I'm not very good at writeups but just quickly put this together using my phone. The pictures might not be in order. Hope it's helps somebody and good luck.
  6. Hello, I notice your post regarding the reverse camera you installed on your Ls430 years ago. I don't have a reverse camera on mine. I'm having trouble routing the camera wire from the boot lid to inside the car. You mentioned it was a pain but you eventually figured it out. Please could you give me some guidance. How on earth do I get the wire into the car from the boot lid.? Appreciate your assistance.
  7. Hello I'm thinking of installing a back up camera on my Ls430 (2003). Mine didn't come with one. But there is an area near the number plate lights where I think the camera were to go if it was installed. anyway.. I opened up the area where the navigation unit system is housed to see how I would go about installing the camera. I found this cable (pictured blue) that wasn't connected to anything. What is it for? Also would members recon I can simply get hold of an original LS430 reverse camera and just plug and play. Im sure Lexus must've left some connections for a camera. Also I found a redundant cable when I took off the boot covers. It's next to the number plate lights. What's it for? Hope it's for the camera. And finally, what goes in the black and blue sockets on the actual navigation unit? (pictured) Thanks
  8. Do you recon I can top up oil but somehow pouring it in through the dip stick area?
  9. Hi. Thanks I don't think mine has the H and L indicators. Any idea as to where the oil level should be on mine?
  10. Hello My 2003 LS had its ATF changed ~20k miles ago. Was wondering if the ATF level is okay or should I top up? I took out the dip stick when the car was hot and started. The picture with the higher level was when I turned off car. The one with the lower reading is with the car on. Thanks
  11. Just got my second hand bearing. The guy sold it attached to the spindle for £35. It looks like it hasn't been used for a decade and is rusted all over. But that doesn't bother me. I've removed the 4 bolts and now I'm struggling to remove the rusted bearing from the spindle. I've smacked the daylights out of it and I don't want it damaged so I stopped hitting it. I'm thinking that the guy sold it to me attached to the spindle cz he was probably unable to remove it himself. He probably gave up. Lol Any ideas how I can get this bloody thing off.
  12. Managed to source a second hand bearing unit off a 100k mileage LS for just £35. Can't trust ebay ones. I'm sure the one I've purchased has still got a long life left in it. Easy DIY job. Can't wait.
  13. Well I've just been told that it might be a cv joint issue. I'm confused
  14. Thanks. Hope I can figure this out. Left or right. Also would it be a bad idea to use a Second hand original bearing rather than a cheap after market one. I think mine are still on their original ones. If that's the case then they've given 185k miles on them. Which is real good. not sure how long the after market one will last.
  15. Thanks. Will check it out. good excuse to get my tools out. With the lexus around they hardly see the day light.