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  1. I going to do some further research on this. Strange that some of our Ls430s are exempt and some aren't. Regarding your tax, It's interesting to learn that your celsior costs £265 to tax. I wonder why my 2003 LS costs me £345 in annual tax? It's really strange.
  2. Well that explains it. I think I'll try and apply for exemption. See what happens.
  3. Hi How is it possible that a 2004 LS430 is ULEZ exempt? I'm sure it ain't Euro 4 standard. I've just seen it listed on ebay and I've checked the ULEZ website using the reg and it is for sure ULEZ exempt.
  4. Just drove home and now there's no engine light on. It's got a mind of its own
  5. Damn, I think I've done around 1k miles like this. I hope it hasn't damaged anything
  6. Hello Recently serviced the LS430 changed the engine oil and oil filter only. I noticed that the mechanic added too much engine oil which was slightly above the second notch on the dip stick. Is this a problem? This morning the engine light comes on. Do you recon its related to the level of engine oil? Should I ask the mechanic to drain some of it? Btw the car is in LPG and has had no issues previously save for the wheel hub. Thanks
  7. So the rumble might be the bearing but guys any idea as to why the steering wheel shakes when I brake at around 70mph+ Also I've got uneven wear on the drivers side tyre. Might be a clue to something I have no idea of. As I've changed my disks and pads recently, somebody told me that it might be lower ball joints or the inner steering rack rod ends. Any ideas?
  8. I've managed to source an original one off a low mile LS for £30 delivered. I think that's a good price.
  9. Perhaps it is a bearing. But how likely is it that after replacing one side the other places up a month or two later. Also doesn't a bearing noise occur even when driving straight. Mine only does it when turning. Thanks
  10. Hello Mine is a 2003 LS430 with 190k on the clock. So when I was returning home from long motorway trip, suddenly the car starts making a rumbling sound every time I turn right at around 70mph and above. But it's great in a straight line and when turning left. Around 4 months ago I had both the front brakes and disks replaced and the front left (or was it the right) wheel bearing replaced. In addition, the steering wheel shakes/vibrates when I brake at 70+mph. What do members think is wrong with it? Many thanks
  11. Hi The idle rpm is normal and where it always was during my year of ownership. Thanks