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  1. Phew All sorted. It was indeed a connector that he'd forgotten to put back on. All lights are now off. Thanks
  2. Phew All sorted. There's was a connector that he'd forgotten to put back on. Thanks
  3. Hello okay so in a previous thread I asked if the rocker seal labour cost of £100 is okay. Was reassured by members on that. However, I just got the car back after the mechanic changed the rocker seal and spark plug gaskets and now the Check VSC and Engine lights are on! Whats going on do you recon. He said is bringing up p1656 code. One headache after another! Please help.
  4. Damn!! A new problem. Just got the car back from the mechanic and now the bloody Check VSC light is on! Whats going on?
  5. you're right. They do cost around £30 from dealer. However, they wanted £30 for the 8 spark plug gaskets. riiiippp ooffff So I though id pay £45 for a decent pair including the spark plug gaskets
  6. Hello, Lots of engine oil on my drive so took it to the mechanic and was told it looks like the rocker seal gaskets (or what ever thy're called) are shot. Probably both sides. Got a set off ebay for £45. Local mechanic says he'll charge £80-£100 for labour. I'd like to ask if members think the labour charge for this job is okay. Dont want to be ripped off Thanks
  7. Good to know it won't effect my daily driving. But if there's a fix or a bypass then I'll definitely try it. But if I get my mechanic to do the job then what does it exactly involve.? Any tutorials around?
  8. Hello LS430 (2003. - 190k mileage) Engine light is on. OBD2 reader states code P1651. My search bought it up as P1651 VSV for ACIS Circuit Malfunction. What's the fix for this? Also is it safe to drive and will it effect my day to day driving? Thanks
  9. I going to do some further research on this. Strange that some of our Ls430s are exempt and some aren't. Regarding your tax, It's interesting to learn that your celsior costs £265 to tax. I wonder why my 2003 LS costs me £345 in annual tax? It's really strange.
  10. Well that explains it. I think I'll try and apply for exemption. See what happens.
  11. Hi How is it possible that a 2004 LS430 is ULEZ exempt? I'm sure it ain't Euro 4 standard. I've just seen it listed on ebay and I've checked the ULEZ website using the reg and it is for sure ULEZ exempt.
  12. Just drove home and now there's no engine light on. It's got a mind of its own
  13. Damn, I think I've done around 1k miles like this. I hope it hasn't damaged anything
  14. Hello Recently serviced the LS430 changed the engine oil and oil filter only. I noticed that the mechanic added too much engine oil which was slightly above the second notch on the dip stick. Is this a problem? This morning the engine light comes on. Do you recon its related to the level of engine oil? Should I ask the mechanic to drain some of it? Btw the car is in LPG and has had no issues previously save for the wheel hub. Thanks