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  1. Yes. The HKS exhaust above. It actually increases power if anything too.
  2. I think that you all worry too much / over think this. Buy any private plate you like, and go on https://www.number1plates.com/shop/builder order your plates with the standard UK font & size. OR go to click4reg.co.uk and when you purchase the private plate there, they will even send you proper legal plates, so it's a very simple process. I feel like this thread is becoming something that might discourage people from getting a private reg. @Vlady
  3. I change mine over when i have MOT 😄 as in I put the proper legally spaced plate on.
  4. @Vlady V14D LX (Lexus?) cheap enough too. I wouldn't worry about the spacing too much as long as the size & font is correct. I had my 12x6 (U.S. size) plate on for 2 years and never had any issues with the police. Spacing is also wrong on mine. Should be "H3 XME" but it's spaced to say "H3X ME" (hex me)
  5. You can have a look at this catalogue from RAYS Wheels. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o13rqdcafk9o0tw/2019 RAYS Winter Digital Catalog.pdf?dl=0 If you like something in there, you can check the sizes etc as well. Let me know if you're interested. We can order them in for you. https://www.part-box.com/rays
  6. We are UK & EU distributors of RAYS wheels. You might be interested in ZE40 or TE37 models if you want something bronze. Volk Racing ZE40 Volk Racing TE37Ultra Volk Racing TE37Saga
  7. 18x9.5 all round. I want an aggressive fitment, so I'm asking this because I'm unsure whether I could go ET22 without having too much poke, or stay on the safe side and get ET38
  8. I need to know how far in the wheels are sitting* i want to know how much room there is before they start poking out of the arches*
  9. Could anyone with factory 17" wheels do me a massive favour please? I need to how far in they are sitting - basically I want new wheels, but I don't have the original ones anymore, and I want to know how room there is before they start poking out. so, i would need someone to measure the distance from the rim edge to the arch. e.g. I can work out what width & offset i need via www.willtheyfit.com . The wheels i want would stick out by about 35mm compared to stock, but i don't whether that's past the arch or not. I hope you know what I mean 😄 Thanks, Lucas
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WiFi-OBD2-ELM327-Bluetooth-Car-Scanner-Android-iOS-IPhone-Torque-Auto-Scan-Tool/401620435469?epid=10026998390&hash=item5d8271820d:g:eDkAAOSw4MRbmi2C:rk:1:pf:0 That's what I use with an App called "Car Scanner" (blue & white engine icon) and it's been spot on. I use it with my iPhone, so cannot vouch for Android use.
  11. Hello Guys, We are official authorised dealer of RAYS wheels in the UK, so if you need anything, please let me know! Here are some wheels that you might like. RAYS Gramlights 57ANA 18" & 19" Options RAYS Gramlights 57CR 18" & 19" Options RAYS Gramlights 57DR 18" Options RAYS Gramlights 57Transcend 18" & 19" Options RAYS Gramlights 57XTC 18" Options RAYS Gramlights 57Xtreme 18" Options RAYS Gramlights 57BNA 18" & 19" Options RAYS Volk Racing ZE40 18" Options RAYS Volk Racing G16 19" Options Other RAYS Wheels also available!
  12. Should you need bushes, we offer a decent range of them for the IS250. Front control arm, lower inner bush kit is only £30
  13. We offer front anti-roll bar. 30mm from Cusco (premium Japenese manufacturer of suspension parts) £285