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  1. Honestly, get whatever you like but be aware of the quality of the stuff you're getting. In my experience, cheap wheels, especially made by manufacturers I've never heard of are made of chocolate. Hit a pot hole at 60mph and you'll be soon riding on hexagons. I stay away from that now, but I understand budget always plays a role in these decisions.
  2. There's always some for sale on the facebook groups 🙂
  3. The final drive is a different ratio, so It will improve the acceleration.. And second hand 86 LSD is only about £300 + the stock torsen in my IS250 doesn't lock up the same way the diff in my GT86 locks up.
  4. Update* HKS Hi-Power exhaust has arrived a few months early from Japan. Can't wait to install it - it's gonna sound epic!
  5. Hello, So I've picked up another IS250 last year. I had one previously and I missed it, so here it is. Manual, black leather, sat nav with Mark Levinson audio system, air conditioned seats and the rest that's pretty normal for these cars. Bought it completely stock. Soon after I've done an oil change, I replaced a dirty air filter and put an HKS Super air filter in it and changed the oil cap for a Mishimoto aluminium one. I've replaced a dirty & damaged gear knob gaiter and disgustingly used gear knob that just pained me every time I drove it. Then the exciting stuff happened.. a set of RAYS Gramlights 57CR 18x9.5 ET38 paired with very average TOYO Proxes TR1 225/40R18.. I've used the older compound (T1-R) tyres and they were fine. Definitely a very noticeable upgrade over the previous 245/45R17 Continentals that someone put on it. 245s are just way too wide for the amount of power this car has in my opinion. It feels a lot more nimble now on the narrower tyres, but also much more grippy due to the Toyo's being just better in every way. The AVG mpg's have also changed after changing an air filter & wheels. I used to average 21mpg on my way to and from work (14mile one way mixed commute - dual carriageways, town and country roads). Now it's around 26mpg and strictly motorway driving - cruise control at 70mph went from 36mpg to 43mpg. Safe to say I'm very happy with it so far. Currently I need to get rear discs & pads all round as these are sh*t and very bad on dusting. Plans for the future are: TEIN Flex Z Fully adjustable coilovers to improve the handling. HARDRACE front LCA steering response bushes - that should stiffen up the steering wheel a little bit as it's way too sensitive for me at the moment. GT86/BRZ OEM differential & 4.1 final drive - will reduced the top speed, but will increase the acceleration which is something very noticeable, especially on A/T cars as they have 3.7 FD and M/T have 3.9 FD, but my Manual will benefit from it too. HKS HI-Power exhaust (currently on back order - should arrive in April) - unleash the V6 noises! Sound clip from someone in the USA here Rear diffuser Vland tail lights + lots more but I won't list everything..
  6. Mine is rubbing on full lock, no real noise but it's only because the previous owner put 245s on the front.. soon to be changed though
  7. If anyone struggles to find a gear knob replacement that clears the reverse barrel like I did, I have a solution for you. That's if you like the look of this knob.. This is Cusco gear knob for Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ, but the thread pitch is also M12x1.25 and it clears the reverse which even stock 86 knob doesn't in this car.. It's crazy how much more direct the shifting feels in this car. Changing a gear knob in a different car never felt like much of a difference other than appearance but in the IS250 it's actually a very noticeable upgrade. Shifting feels more crisp and precise, so I'm really chuffed because I wasn't a fan of the way it felt when changing gears until now. Price is £41.95 but with a coupon code: GT86CLUB10 you can have it for £37.76 https://www.part-box.com/cusco-sports-shift-gear-knob-for-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz-m12x1-25-965760ba - Lucas
  8. You're far better off spending £300 on an aftermarket unit from AliExpress. Android head unit with google maps, music etc. It's bigger too https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32854780943.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1c65140fGmKjuV&algo_pvid=f82718cc-5b57-44cb-aa3d-3b892ebee276&algo_expid=f82718cc-5b57-44cb-aa3d-3b892ebee276-1&btsid=c4738a39-95ff-42ea-b396-d6870ba35f1b&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_8,searchweb201603_53
  9. If you're getting really bad mpg, you should probably think of using V-power and floor it frequently. Carbon build ups are common on these engine. Good fuel will reduce it building up, but you still need to stretch its legs every now and again. Full throttle everywhere 😄 Works for me.
  10. Yes. The HKS exhaust above. It actually increases power if anything too.
  11. I think that you all worry too much / over think this. Buy any private plate you like, and go on https://www.number1plates.com/shop/builder order your plates with the standard UK font & size. OR go to click4reg.co.uk and when you purchase the private plate there, they will even send you proper legal plates, so it's a very simple process. I feel like this thread is becoming something that might discourage people from getting a private reg. @Vlady
  12. I change mine over when i have MOT 😄 as in I put the proper legally spaced plate on.
  13. @Vlady V14D LX (Lexus?) cheap enough too. I wouldn't worry about the spacing too much as long as the size & font is correct. I had my 12x6 (U.S. size) plate on for 2 years and never had any issues with the police. Spacing is also wrong on mine. Should be "H3 XME" but it's spaced to say "H3X ME" (hex me)