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  1. Hi everyone, Can someone help confirm which bulb is it for the dipped beam headlight of my GS300 2007 Mk3? I was going to a Lexus garage to replace but they quote 1h labour, which is £108 + VAT, PLUS bulb cost, which they don't even know if its halogen or xenon (over the phone). I decide to have a go at it myself, however need to buy the bulb first. As far as I know, it should be as originally fitted. Thank you all.
  2. Thank you, GSLV6 I'm much more confident to go ahead now. You've been great help. Now just making a check list of things to look out for. Regarding the dreaded carbon built up of direct injection, is there any way to spot the problem early?
  3. I have found a nice GS example in Wales. Finger crossed. Just one last question, is a powerful engine like the GS a bigger safety risk than a smaller one? Obviously I haven't driven a big engine one before, but I consider myself a safe driver. Just wondering if controlling a powerful engine much different than a smaller one. Thank you.
  4. @GSLV6 Thank you for the tips. I think I can afford the standard running cost, the gas and the regular service, however still not quite realise how big the bill will be when there's a major repair. If they fail on the same thing (internal components), would a Lexus repair much more expensive than a Toyota or Honda repair? I think you are right. I love to have a GS300 but might go conservative and get an IS250 auto. There will be a saving of £500 on insurance and tax that can go on other things.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I do have Pass Plus. Insurance quote is surprisingly mild, third-party only just over £1600 for GS300 and £1200 for IS250 (Admiral without black box, with blackbox it's about £200 cheaper). It's something that I can just about afford. Is it necessary to go for more comprehensive options? It's great to hear some encouragement. Please tell me what I should look out for? I'm prepared to spend some money to take care of the car. However at the same, do not want to drive for a couple of months and face with a hefty bill. @i-s: You are right, the Hondas are also a pleasure to drive. I'm just a bit indifferent to the angular design in general. It's still an option on my mind. Thank you.
  6. My first post so be gentle. I'm 30+ male and due to moving from countries to countries for much of my teens and 20s and general reluctance living in cities, I somehow managed to live without a car until now. Happy to get my license last month and currently looking to buy my first car. My budget is under £5000. I've been looking all around, and although my head says I should stick to some standard economical Honda or Skoda to learn how things work, none of them excites me one bit. And I really love the design of the GS300 or IS250. With my budget, I can probably only afford a 10 year old model with just under 100k mileage. What do you say? Should I go ahead and reward myself a Lexus or am I blind-walking into a money pit?