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  1. Hello Steve: I have a problem with one of the lights on the Air conditioning control panel, the light has gone off,when I am driving at night  I can't see the control at all, it could be a blown fuse, in one of the 2 boxes  I hope, or could it be something more serious ( I hope not ) can you let me know what you think it may be.

    Cheers  Sam Case 

    1. steve2006


      Hi Sam,

      Chances are if the others are still OK it will simply be a blown bulb, these are normally the cap less miniature ones widely available on the likes of ebay. Getting the unit out and dismantled is another matter but let me know if you need any help with this as I can look up the manuals.



    2. sam case

      sam case

      Thank you Steve : I will try using eBay.

    3. sam case

      sam case

      Steve I am not sure what to do about the AC light, do I have to take the whole unit out, does that mean removing it from the car, or is there another way to do it. ??


  2. The light on the A.C has gone out, it is possible the fuse has blown, there are 2 fuse boxes,1under the bonnet, and 1 inside the car. Does anyone know which box I should check ?? Sam Case
  3. I have been onto eBay, but I cant find it at all how did you do it?.
  4. Lexus are testing cars that use Hydrogen the only thing that comes out off the exhaust is clear water.
  5. JLR are going to make electric cars, it will not be a hybrid so you will have to plug it into a power point somewhere,JLR say it will take a while to produce them.
  6. I have a problem with the above item, I need to remove it as some dust or what ever is coming out ,what I need to know is how do I remove the vent without damaging it -- any ideas will help Sam Case
  7. the L.hand mirror ,when I use it to see how much room I have for parking, it doesn't come back the way it should unless I press the button a few times is it possible to take it out and find out what is wrong and how do I do that.??
  8. Thank you herbs for the information it has saved me a few quid.
  9. ghost lights. the lights look good, how do you remove the red lights , do the new ones have a power supply of their own or batteries, I am thinking of buying some, any help please Sam
  10. My 1997 400 has done 174,840 miles and I have had no problems.
  11. Well chaps I have tried what you suggested, the problem is now worse the small key I bought was useless, I tried to adjust the jet and the needle bent, the jet now is higher,---Any idea how to remove the spray jet from the bumper. Norman