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  1. AdamBuz

    Heater fan noisy - cheap fix

    Thanks for posting this! I have done it on my ct200h 12 plate and it worked a treat. Cost me £20 off eBay!
  2. AdamBuz

    Noise coming from glove box

    Update! Tried the filter it was a bit dirty so I blew it out with an airline but it was the same. So I went for it and took the fan out underneath like the other thread said. I took it apart and blew it out the cleaned it all up and used a little copper grease. I’ve put it back together and tried it lots of times and it seems fine now. No noise coming from it at all. For now at least! 😁
  3. AdamBuz

    Noise coming from glove box

    Great thanks for your help. I’ll post how it goes later.
  4. AdamBuz

    Noise coming from glove box

    Hi thanks I’ll try that. But where is the cabin filter found?
  5. Hi I have a CT200h and I’ve noticed in the past week a noise coming from below my glove box. I’m pretty sure it’s from the heater as it gets louder the higher I turn the fan speed up. I’ve read a few things but not sure what it is exactly. Anyone else had this issue and resolved it? Thanks.