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  1. Thanks for posting this! I have done it on my ct200h 12 plate and it worked a treat. Cost me £20 off eBay!
  2. Update! Tried the filter it was a bit dirty so I blew it out with an airline but it was the same. So I went for it and took the fan out underneath like the other thread said. I took it apart and blew it out the cleaned it all up and used a little copper grease. I’ve put it back together and tried it lots of times and it seems fine now. No noise coming from it at all. For now at least! 😁
  3. Great thanks for your help. I’ll post how it goes later.
  4. Hi thanks I’ll try that. But where is the cabin filter found?
  5. Hi I have a CT200h and I’ve noticed in the past week a noise coming from below my glove box. I’m pretty sure it’s from the heater as it gets louder the higher I turn the fan speed up. I’ve read a few things but not sure what it is exactly. Anyone else had this issue and resolved it? Thanks.