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  1. Alexis1jz

    1992 Soarer 1JZ (Sitting 11 years)

    Thank you Rich, I shall indeed keep it updated. Hopefully by the weekend I shall get some pictures up of her. She's met green with light grey cloth interior, over all the interior is in great condition, it's just very mouldy!!! The new FPC module won't be in until 4 of March so I am told . So that will leave me with lots and lots of time to get her all cleaned up inside and out, run some BG EPR engine flush through it and do an oil change and a coolant flush again. Once those jobs are done then It shall be time to address the brakes and do a brake fluid change, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on.....
  2. Alexis1jz

    Has anyone used Rain-X?

    Another thumbs up for Rain-X, works a treat and reduces wiper wear dramatically as you do not need to use them half as much when Rain-X is applied.
  3. Alexis1jz

    Some nice Soarers for sale.

  4. Hi folks, New to the site, have a 1JZ-GTE Soarer with auto trans, was a garden find that had been sitting 11 years!! She was covered in moss top and sides, which seems to have preserved the paint and stopped her from developing any rust. Underneath is also in excellent condition. I bought it as a non start and it was stuck in "P". The guy used it to tow his small 13ft sail boat, so needless to say it has a tow bar. 🤣 I eventually got it out of "P" in his driveway the morning the tow truck came (happy days), got it home and spent 4 hours washing it and it easily needs another hour or two spent on washing. I got a new battery for it, whipped off the timing belt cover to see a new Toyota T/Belt in place, however it has been there 11 years!!!. Once the battery was installed I turned ignition on to reveal a very low lit dash board. I cycled the ignition on and off a few times and with each time the dash started to brighten, a battery stabilization unit was put on and ignition was left on then for a while which seemed to help the electric start to function again. The following day I after leaving it on power for the night I rotated the engine by hand to make sure it wasn't seized then I cranked it over, although it had a very healthy turn over she would not fire (time to get out the multimeters and probes i guess😁). The fuel pump was not working at all, the alternator rectifier was shot and the FPC module was erratic at best. So with that a plan was made to remove and have the alternator reconditioned, a new AEM 380Lph fuel pump was ordered along with new Denso spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter and coolant. Parts arrived Friday just gone, so it was a fun filled weekend with one mission, to get her started!!. I flushed the rad out, which was pretty filthy it must be said, refitted the alternator and also the Denso plugs, then went about installing the new AEM 380lph fuel pump. There was a 1/4 of a tank of old fuel in her, I took some out and set it alight to see how quickly it would ignite. It ignited no problem so put everything back together, filled it up with coolant and cranked it over..... BOOM....1st turn of the key she sprung to life and idled very sweetly for 2 hours without issue. I then turned it off as it was getting late, i decided to make sure she would fire back up again, but when I went to turn it over it would not fire. So quick trip to diagnosis port to bridge "Fp & B+" terminals and then turn ignition on, pump kicked in and she fired up no problem at all. So left it at that as I knew where I was going hunting to find the issue on Sunday morning. Needles to say after some testing as suspected all along the FPC module was also passed its sell by date. So that pretty mucg brings me upto date so far. A new FPC module has been ordered as I like my cars to be right, I know I could bypass it and all that but I would rather it functioned as it should just in case. The list on this girly is going to be BIIIGGG!!!!! as expected for a car sitting outside idle for 11 years. But for now....I'm happy out with the progress 😉
  5. Alexis1jz


    Thank you Ollie :D :D :D
  6. Alexis1jz


    Hi All, Newbie from Ireland here, I have just taken on a project of a Japan import Toyota Soarer with factory 1JZ-GTE. Car needs lots of TLC but shall be a slow burn project that I shall update over time. Any way just wanted to say hi, looking forward to being a part of the community even though she isn't a true Lexus :).