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  1. The problem disappeared a day or two before my visit on Lexus garage without any reason, just gone🙂 But for my peace of mind, they checked A/C system - no faults at all. Slightly confusing but finger crossed it would not come back again.
  2. Thank you for answer 🙂 I checked the battery voltage before the engine starts and its 12.15 V at 19 °C. Charging is 13.3-13.8 V. I have simple OBD2 wifi adapter to read error codes, but it only shows engine data and errors (no errors at all) or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Yes, the vehicle still on warranty so I need to visit a dealer.
  3. Hello everyone. Normally when you start the engine the fans(air vents) and climate control start together with the engine or when the ignition is on. In my case, I need to wait around 1 minute, but not always - usually after a longer stop to a climate system starts and every time my settings (temperature, air flow direction) are reset to default. Even if I press the buttons climate system won't start, only the AUTO button is highlighted. The big display shows FANS OFF. One day I think I could see something like d55 on LCD display where the temperature is shown. Any suggestions what it could be? I have tried to search somewhere in settings, and even unplugged battery for a minute - no results GS250 2013 many thanks
  4. Hi Any issues or errors after you changed the bulb in boot for the LED bulb ?