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  1. Quick daft question ... is there meant to be a light under the gear panel? when it's dark and I put the lights one .. everything lights up ... but i can't see which gear to pick! just asking! thanks, Varun
  2. Dear All, Oh no! the paint has peeled from my wheel cover (Please see photo) On ebay I can purchase a new one for £60 (inc del) from the USA ... Is there a cheaper/paint-job option? If not, no worry! Also, thank you for previous advice a) new rubber boot seals - £150 + £38 fitting b) the tyre pressure light always on ... was down to tyre caps ... new ones sorted it out!!! 50 pence!!! whoohoo!! thank you, Varun
  3. Thank you Geoffers - I think a trip to my local mechanic is in order!
  4. Dear All, Please see photos below. I have 2 questions: 1) this light came up on the dash. I have taken the car to the local tyre merchant which checked tyres and rims ... all is fine. No pressure loss/no cracked rims. Is there a reset for this light please? Or am possibly missing something? 2) I have had terrible leaking issues ... HOWEVER, I sorted one issue (water ingress through a side vent) BUT now there seems to be an issue with a seal around the hood ... any advice please on sourcing new rubber? The "pad" in the photo soaks up the rain ... THANK YOU in advance ... Varun :)
  5. Dear All, Losing the will to live! LOVE my SC430 ... spending a couple of hundred here and there for little niggles BUT the pleasure driving outweighs that in bucket-loads HOWEVER I recently had my car valeted and today found that the clips from the floor carpet have "disappeared" ... I can only assume that the cleaner "pulled" the carpet up with the vacuum, saw the clip go through the hole, panicked and then put the other one through its hole too! ANYWAY - what is my easiest solution please? The rubber protective carpet now slips as it has no anchors ... THANK YOU in advance ... Varun 😞
  6. Bob, that is AMAZING! Are you allowed to divulge the secret of your leather upholstery success? thank you, Varun 

  7. Dear All, I wish to put in a Parrot MKi9200 ... Have just updated the Sat Nav disk so am happy with that ... just need music going through all speakers ... Did try Pure Highway 600 - which was not "bad" ... just obtrusive DAB aerials etc .... ANYHOO: Have been informed that this ISO cables DOES work on a Mark Levinson - has anyone tried it? thank you, Varun 🙂
  8. I did buy some ... now I have to get someone to affix one of them!!! 🙂
  9. actually - i am "pleased" to say, it's MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH cleaner ... ! and less - marked - .... V
  10. for all the advice received from SC430 owners ... your kindness has led to a very happy "classic" car owner. i drove an "SC" around Japan in 2006 - unforgettable! It's lovely to be driving this lovely car again ... regards, Varun
  11. You guys are all awesome! I am having my blue with cream interior SC looked at by Lexus Exeter in the morning! Just a good once over .. then ... happy driving with top down! YAY! regards, Varun
  12. Hi! Me again! Sorry to be a pain ... BUT 1) I have cream leather and it's a wee grubby. Is there a product that will bring the shine back? 2) does anyone know where i can source a "gold" coloured magnetised fastener for my rear seatbelts ... one is missing and is the "loose" seat belt is driving me CRAZY! thank you x 2! Varun
  13. Perfect! thank you Sir!!! -Varun
  14. I am a mechanically minded dufus. Will need expert help!