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  1. varunsharma

    thank you

    for all the advice received from SC430 owners ... your kindness has led to a very happy "classic" car owner. i drove an "SC" around Japan in 2006 - unforgettable! It's lovely to be driving this lovely car again ... regards, Varun
  2. varunsharma

    2 questions: Leather cleaner/magnetised fastener -

    You guys are all awesome! I am having my blue with cream interior SC looked at by Lexus Exeter in the morning! Just a good once over .. then ... happy driving with top down! YAY! regards, Varun
  3. Hi! Me again! Sorry to be a pain ... BUT 1) I have cream leather and it's a wee grubby. Is there a product that will bring the shine back? 2) does anyone know where i can source a "gold" coloured magnetised fastener for my rear seatbelts ... one is missing and is the "loose" seat belt is driving me CRAZY! thank you x 2! Varun
  4. varunsharma

    parking sensors

    Perfect! thank you Sir!!! -Varun
  5. varunsharma

    parking sensors

    I am a mechanically minded dufus. Will need expert help!
  6. varunsharma

    parking sensors

    has anyone used these and will they work in the current "holes" on the rear bumper? thanks! Varun 🙂
  7. varunsharma

    SC430 in North Devon

    Did you see me? Did you wave? 😄
  8. varunsharma

    SC430 in North Devon

    Good evening ... I am going to have my 54 plate 430 serviced by Lexus in Exeter ... BUT was wondering if there were any enthusiasts/specialists in North Devon. thank you, Varun
  9. PeterT, do you still have your SC430 and would you ever consider putting in a system for another 430 owner ... ie me?!

    regards, Varun 

  10. varunsharma

    Aftermarket satnav/stereo upgrade

    thank you all ... i think i have found someone in my area - i.e. devon - which can do it all in 4 hours for ... £1196! expensive BUT will be worth it ... pioneer screen though?! regards, Varun
  11. Good day! I am a new member here ... and am buying an 54 plate low mileage SC430 ... I do love my music (Spotify) and need hands-free telephone ,,,, and live traffic on the sat nav. I live in North Devon. Is there anyone there to advise me on the best way forward? with thanks, Varun