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  1. Woohooooo! Drives like a dream. Easily the best car I've ever owned! Just getting round all the features.
  2. I definitely will! Lucky to have an awesome Lexus specialist near me who will be taking care of her (hopefully only for routine servicing for the time being mind!).
  3. Scuse the pointless post but no-one else will understand how ridiculously excited I am to be picking up my RX400h on Monday! My first ever Lexus although at this point anything would be better than my Peugeot! 😃
  4. Thank you all so much for your help. You're a lovely bunch, we've made our mind up and are going for the RX! With one thing or another it'll be a month or two before we can purchase but I shall be straight back with pics when I have and will carry on perusing the boards to swoon over your cars. Thank you all again, superstars!
  5. Ha, the disgrace. On that point, the ride height sensor...on reading posts on here it is an expensive part from Lexus but a lot of you have made your own or bought on eBay? Am I correct?
  6. Thank you for this, I keep looking at other models/makes but always come back to the Lexus. I do quite a few miles for one reason or another so it should be good as it isn't just fuel economy on longer journeys, it's comfort etc so what I'm probably asking is, could you please tell me to buy a Lexus!
  7. Been lurking for a while but thought I'd throw this question at you. I need to get a new car (a different car as opposed to new!). I've got £6-7k to spend and been looking at getting an RX400h as I really like idea of a hybrid mixed with the fact they aren't a Juke/Qashqui/Mokka etc. For this sort of money it'll be an older, higher mileage model but I've seen quite a few with full Lexus service history etc so my question is, would you still buy an RX400h or would you buy a newer, lower mileage 'other' car if you were me? TIA for any advice.