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  1. just updated my 2011 sat nav - it is Gen 6 and cost £150 at a Lexus dealer - it should have been £185 but - well thats a long story of service snafus they I got a discount.
  2. sorry but that is just not true most modern refineries can product high octane fuels...
  3. so you think shell sends tankers from that refinery 100s and 100s of miles to a service station near you???? believe what you want.....I have filled the tankers.......
  4. i worked in oil refining for 21 years and we supplied and filled the tankers of Sainaburys Tescos, shell, Esso, Rix.... and others ALL FROM THE SAME TANKS..... make your own mind up. Only difference is the additives which are usually metered in at the pump or added to the tanker.