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  1. Steve the dealer said they had not been made for ES when i got the car end of Jan so had to wait also i did not get them for rear so i will take this up with dealer was it leeds or the dealer where you ordered your car from that you saw the mats vince
  2. Has anyone got the protection pack for ES as i have had to wait over 4 months to get the floor mats and wonder what they should look like as i have paid £400
  3. What the £20k difference i had a bmw 5 series and its rear wheel drive cars that are crap in winter conditions compared to front wheel thats why bmw have gone to all wheel drive
  4. Just like to say i have a lexus es takumi and i have just specced up audi A6 like in this review with all the toys mine has and it comes in at a massive £66k i paid £44k also come resale i will get better return so why bother with german cars that when we have the slightest bit of sleet in uk you cant drive them i would rather have money in the bank than be able to drive fast round a corner
  5. I ordered mine 27th jan delivered 31st jan and been loving it ever since 😂🤣🤪
  6. Update on Takumi now getting 53mpg doing around town and motorways done over 6000 miles since getting the car last week of jan 😱 the auto function on seats is awesome as mine has heated and cooled seats and it senses temp in car and puts them on for you if car hot puts cooled on and vice versa I am armchair driver so the comfort is great, I do i lot of miles for work and get out after loads of miles feeling great. The power is enough for me not a speed freak but its quick for overtaking the adaptive cruise works brill even slowing down and stopping at juctions then setting off on its own all i can say still having lexus orgasm every time i drive it 😂😱 vince
  7. Hi all this is what the sonic white on takumi looks like its my car i got it in jan from a walk in to showroom cheers vince
  8. Wow glad i got mine in jan the takumi version might put it on autotrader and make a profit 😂
  9. Its wrong that my ES has to have extra £350 tax a year cos its over £40k list yet a 5 litre mustang list is less than £40k but only £140 tax per year yet emmits 3 times CO2 than my ES crazy
  10. If the car is say 95 grams but still over £40k will uk gov still charge the extra £350 tax a year ?
  11. No not scratched just lots of rust spots all over it loving the rest of it though except the track pad which isnt good to use while on the move and using left hand lol 😂
  12. Habu I am up for ES yorkshire meet let me know time and place I will have approx 15,000 on clock by then 😱 just a few niggles with my ES the rear camera never keeps clean which is a pain needs a shroud or something and the stainless boot protection plate is rusting already I am taking it back on monday to complain about the plate vinnyb
  13. Regards auto seat, it has 3 settings on hot or cool if you have the cool feature, it monitors temp in car and adjust to suit, it also adjust if you raise or lower the climate control for instance if you raise the climate control to high it auto puts heated seat on high if you put cc on lowest temp it will turn off heated seat and put on cool seat i love it.
  14. Hi all i got full manuals with mine from lexus sheffield vinny b
  15. SH20 i am in huddersfield and got one of the first takumi cars in the country if you want i can meet you between hudds and leeds for you to have a drive i am now getting 52mpg which is brill vinny b