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  1. I'm not swaping the full fuse box,that would be madness.I only bought a spare fuse box for the innerds,it was worth £15 quid for all the relays and fuses.
  2. It's my project car,it's got 11 month mot.The engine is sweet with only 100,040's taxed,insured fully comp for £175.00.Sweet.
  3. I bought that battery from a propper car assesory shop just a few days ago,i told the owner what car it was for and thats the battery he gave me.The fuses,yes two cover caps are missing.My used fuse box might arrive satureday,it's got everything in it so i'm gonna do a swap on everything.See what gives.PS,i will check the battery tomorrow,if iv'e been sold a dodgy battery i will play holy f..k with him.
  4. Ive bought a used fuse box with everything in it,we can only see what happens when i fix that botch job.I'ill keep you informed,i'm optimistic on this issue,got to be.
  5. Everything works exept the radio,the car runs and drives fine.Iv'e read the ls400 is protedted againsed putting the battery on the wrong way round,the last owner did just that,the red wire is an emergency repair.I will find and fix fhe problem,i never give in,personaly don't think its anything drastic.If i can save this car i will do.Ive seen nicer looking ls400 scrapped,broken just for parts.It's a,i did have to fit a new altinator.
  6. That wire was put on as an emergency fix,everything works fine.They did blow the altinator and the radio,the car runs fine and all the electrics work.It cant be that bad,i don't think.PS touch wood.
  7. Can anyone tell me what sort of fuse fits here,the last owner blew it,he connected the battery the wrong way round.He also blew the altinator oh and the radio.i put the arrow in the wrong place,it's the fuse with the botch up red wire across it.cheers
  8. I am really strugling with an electrical problem,can anyone point me in the right direction to a list of modules and there location.My car is a 1993 ls400,i would be greatful for any info.Cheers.
  9. I think the cd changer gets it's power from the radio,power conector in for the radio,and a conector for power out to the cd player.The radio is kaput,if you still want to sell me your spare radio that would be good,i understand if you don't want to sell it.cheers.
  10. Should the electric seat and electric seat belt adjusters still work with the ign switch off,mine work with the ign off.cheers.
  11. Well lads,an auto electrician couldn't fix my car.Never mind,i'll fix it myself.
  12. I know your right,i just hate not being able to do things myself.I just don't want to admit i can no longer do the things i could do,i don't want to be charged a fortune to be told it'll cost a fortune to fix.Bought with 11 month mot,so far new altinator £148.00 fitted by me,new battery £60 quid,gonna have to fit a timing belt kit for piece of mind £150 quid.i just expected to be driving it.But yes,i know both you and Tulpin are right.