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  1. My radio isn't broken,it's locked.I bought another radio,had my five attempts at trying to code it.000 -123 etc.Now i have two locked radios,woe is me.LOL.
  2. It was a few week back when i was trying to figure out things,it was freezing cold and damp.I was tired,my old bones was hurting some what.I must have just turned the key one click and saw no ign lights,tried my sun roof and windows then put the fuse back in.Human error,and i do appologise.I was just thinking the worst,i always do.Sorry.
  3. Good news,when i pull number 20 fuse most things still work.the things that don't work are.dome lightes,door lightes,glove box light,ign switch light,centeral locking and steering wheel.motors.It' got to be one of them that drains my battery.It could be something to do with remote locking,i haven't got a remote key so i can't test that.
  4. It is a blade fuse,number 20-dome,it had a 15 amp in there but iv'e put a 10 amp in now.The ign light is on the list,if the fuse knocks the ign off then nothing will work..i'll have another go in the morning.Iv'e got head ache and brain freeze.
  5. Look at this silver thing above my cd player,when i unplug it my engine stops,anyone know what it is.
  6. No the cd player doesent open,i presumed it was because the radio doesent work.All the fuses are ok.I think your right,this is where the problem is.
  8. This is the main fuse box bottom pic,the fuse with the green arrow stops the drain when i pull it.That's the dome fuse,this is the fuse that stops everything working in this fuse box top pic. .
  9. Hears the deal,when i pull the 15amp dome fuse out of the main fuse box the drain stops.That's the fuse that runs everything in the small fuse box under the drivers footwell,i pulled every fuse out and guess what.The drains still there,the car is usable and great to drive.
  10. I'm not swaping the full fuse box,that would be madness.I only bought a spare fuse box for the innerds,it was worth £15 quid for all the relays and fuses.
  11. It's my project car,it's got 11 month mot.The engine is sweet with only 100,040's taxed,insured fully comp for £175.00.Sweet.
  12. I bought that battery from a propper car assesory shop just a few days ago,i told the owner what car it was for and thats the battery he gave me.The fuses,yes two cover caps are missing.My used fuse box might arrive satureday,it's got everything in it so i'm gonna do a swap on everything.See what gives.PS,i will check the battery tomorrow,if iv'e been sold a dodgy battery i will play holy f..k with him.