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  1. Hi Ryan I have a UX that is one of the first batch to arrive and registered in March 19 and I too am experiencing similar symptoms. The ABS seems occasionally to kick in at very low speeds and certainly not in situations where you would expect it too. Seems to be random with no pattern. I was going to mention it when it is due a service but based on the above will probably take it in for the Dealer to take a look. John
  2. Hi Alan There have been previous postings on this subject. The big difference is that the Bridgestones are all weather tyres and the Dunlops regular summer so the tread patterns are vastly different. I have Dunlops on my Takumi and they are very quiet but actually wanted Bridgestones so I did not have to faf around putting winter tyres on. I am thinking now about getting some all weather tyres fitted and keeping them on but might look for a different brand as there has been a lot of comment about the Bridgestones being noisy although I did not notice that when I test drove a car with them on. There are a few options available for runflat all weathers in the right size for the UX. I run my Classic 60's Lotus Elan with Vredestein all weather tyres on and they are great all year round (I am one of those rare classic owners who drive their car all year round!) Hope that helps John
  3. Hi Jeff Have not fitted the extra warning buzzer on my UX as its not needed but have fitted one on my 69 Lotus Elan for the same reasons ie could not hear the original and the self cancel did not always work. Has been fitted for about 5 years now and works great. The one I fitted was sold as a motorcycle fitment and it does not start beeping loud for the first few blinks so probably would not come on and annoy you if you are using the quick lane change flash feature. Very easy to fit and highly recommended for similar situations. John
  4. Martin I installed my old Nextbase Duo as soon as I took delivery of my UX in late March. I used the standard Nextbase Hardwire kit piggy backing into the fuse box under the glove box. Worked fine but was having issues with the same camera on my Elan so put the one from the Lexus into the Elan and bought a new unit for the UX Went for the Nextbase 522 and their Rear window add on camera and it installed without any problems using the existing hard wire kit. I always go for a rear view camera as well as I have been hit up the rear a couple of times! (The car not me!) John
  5. Hi John Welcome I'm sure you will love your new car. In answer to your queries 1) my car came with an abridged set of hard copy manuals so I would ask the dealer for a set. The online versions are easy to download if you want more details and info. 2) when you lock the car using the indent on the handle if you press a second time within 5 seconds it will deadlock the car. Same with the remote - press lock twice within 5 seconds to deadlock. 3) you can program various opening sequences like you describe - the details are in the online manual on pages 148 / 9 Hope that was of some help John
  6. I use a Prince Lionheart two piece seat protector when my Grandson is in my UX Takumi. Have used it in my previous two vehicles as well all with full leather and have had no issues. Protects both seat and back. Available on Amazon and elsewhere for a reasonable price. John
  7. Steve in my opinion a speed limiter and any cruise control are used for two different purposes. The speed limiter is to stop you accidentally drifting over the set speed limit and possibly getting a ticket or worse. I only ever used to use it in built up areas. Using cruise control - normal or radar controlled - which is designed to be used on open free flowing roads in a built up area is frankly a dangerous thing to do and something I would never even attempt to try in a built up area. John
  8. As DanD said in an earlier post it is very easy to disable the key completely by pressing and holding the lock button and then press unlock twice in quick succession. Works perfectly and you can not even open the car with the handle unless you press any key on the fob to disable the lock. John
  9. Hi Vlad Sorry to hear about your knock. As ShaksR said do not worry about the extra excess to choose your own repairer you will get it back but I recommend that you deal with your insurer in case complications arise. I had a similar situation a couple of years ago when I was stationery at a red light and hit up the rear by a truck who had also stopped but was in gear and his foot slipped whilst blipping the throttle! I got a sorry mate but he did what turned out to be about 10Ks worth of damage to my car. Problem was that the car in question is a classic 60's Lotus Elan and there was no way I was going to allow any old body shop loose on it. Was all repaired very well and my insurer and I got full recompense from the other parties Insurance including the extra £500 I had to pay because of my choice of repairer. I was insured with Flux at the time and they eventually put everything in the hands of a third party claims company as there was a problem. Although I had admission of fault from the driver his insurance company refused to acknowledge any correspondence (a common problem apparently) and we eventually had to threaten court action. They paid up in full the day before the court case! Hope the repairs go well John
  10. The Bridgestones are all weather while the Dunlops are normal Summer tyres. Could account for the difference as the tread patterns are vastly different. I have Dunlops on my Takumi and they are very quiet. John
  11. Maybe we should get a petition up to try and get them to give Lucy a West Country vocabulary!! I have managed to get the phone working with voice control - not every time I must admit but generally after a few tries I have got the number I asked for John
  12. I am half way through our first long trip with my UX - covered about 800 miles so far - mixture of fast motorway from Surrey to Lake District tootling around the Lakes then another run to Snowdonia and a few days tootling around this area. Overall have been very pleased -averaging almost 47mpg - very comfortable ride - good handling - adequate power for overtaking etc. However a few niggles some of which have been covered before - The SatNav is awful - a £70 TomTom works better. The mapping is very poor and the contrast awful to the extent that sometimes when on minor roads you can hardly see them. Imputing destinations is laborious and it occasionally takes the most strange routing. The auto tailgate seems to have a mind of its own - sometimes opens with a beep other times just opens without. Sometimes will not open with the touch buttons without a lot of fiddling and as for the hands free opening with a foot movement that also has a mind of its own or maybe it doesn't which is why it invariably does not work! One thing that I miss is a Speed Limiter built in to the cruise control - cruise itself works fine but having a limiter for use in built up areas was a feature I used extensively on my previous vehicles and probably has saved a few points on the licence! I'm probably being over picky with some of the above but after years with various Mercedes, Audi and BMW products my first experience of Lexus is overall very positive and I do not regret my purchase at all. John
  13. I have tried several times on my current trip to use the voice command for postcodes and gave up in frustration every time! May be my West Country accent but could not get it to recognise anything!! John
  14. Does not surprise me - I talked to the dealer about this shortly after delivery and they - or at least the guy I was dealing with - did not have a clue what I was talking about! John
  15. Hi Dan I traded in a 2016 Cooper S Clubman with RunFlats for my Takumi so can offer a direct comparison! The Mini was always harsh riding even in 'comfort' mode (I had the adaptive suspension option) and would crash and bang its way round the potholed roads of Surrey! The UX on the other hand is a revelation even with Dunlop RunFlats - it is probably the smoothest running car I have had and I've had a lot from big Mercs and Audis to the Mini. The Ride is fine as well. Could have something to do with the deeper sidewalls both had / have 18" rims but the UX is 50 against 45 section for the Mini but it is obvious that the suspension travel is greater and softer as well. Hope that helps John