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  1. OK OK thanks ...good point. The key things I regularly get done on any car I have is Oil change Air Filter Sparks (not sure what the interval is on Lexus but its 45K on my Toyota with Iridium ones) Transmission oil change Pollen filter Is the transmission oil change straight forward on the GS300h and RX450h? just unplug, flush, refill from top and plug up with new washer? I know the spark plug change is a major job on the RX.
  2. I really like the look of the GS300 or the RX450....can any garage service these vehicles. I really don't like nor trust dealers having worked in the motor industry. I want to be able to take my car to my local mechanic Ive known for 20 years. I understand the hybrid system may require more specialist knowledge. Looking for the support network before i commit.