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  1. there isnt alot they can do to be honest , at the most we can get cid to fingerprint the car , it is most likely an addict by the sound of the break in , usually find a smash and grab robbery like this is commited by a drug addict , easy goods to sell on without trace for a fix. Its a shame this is how it is but not alot u can do really, you prob just got hit with and incident report number and told to contact your insurance company. 70% of cars stolen in strathclyde are never found again will find they are on a "stolen to order" list , you have to realise if someone wants your car they will
  2. c'mon guys not all us police officers are that bad
  3. 323 2.5 inline 6 engine 18inch alloys sport suspension full grey sport leather full electric pack inc seats 3 door coupe fbmwsh traction and anti skid cruise control nokia fone kit just fitted ebc drilled and grooved discs all round front and rear strut brace being fitted next month
  4. i have now purchased a BMW 323 ci coupe , always wanted one so thought what the hell.
  5. pm sent ,im in urgent need of a car !
  6. it all depends on what price u want mitch as i have limited funds at the moment what spec is it colour mileage etc ....
  7. looking for an is200sport due to mine being written off , anyone know of any contact me with deetails please
  8. im very interested have cash sitting here for one at the right price . pm sent
  9. i bought the crystal xbox for in my is200 but found it hard to find a place to put it , dont want it in the boot as cant be bothered to get in and out to change disc etc , so installing a PS2 under the dash and to save on the bulky invertor need which runs from a 24v supply (not good for the car) i found a company that will modify the internals of the PS2 from an 8.5v to 12v so can run it straight off the battery in car .
  10. how much will you take for it mate ?
  11. HID lights are illegal to use unless they have a self levelling system which is usually located on the suspension arms on car with a small arm on a sensor , we accidently broke my mates on his S3 one night while putting on his new suspension
  12. this happened to me last week at glasgow airport when droppin the in-laws off a taxi driver reversed into corner of my bumper scratching it badly then looked at me n drove off !!! How angry was i !!!!! got his reg number and taxi plate number and reported him , his fellow taxi driver wouldnt give me his name and said aye well mate tough **** innit these things happen , i replied no they dont just happen you wont find out his name , i then happened to "flash" my warrant card at him and said u wanna bet on that , he never said much apart from the answer to what i asked in the fiirst place !!
  13. would u sell any of the bits seperate ?
  14. cheers for all the help guys , getting it sorted from glasgow dealer , says it will cost £20 + VAT which i aint gonna complain about
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