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  1. Thanks for sharing that, I'll do it my next refill :) UPDATE Hello Everyone! Took me some sweet time, but I finally managed to do proper MPG measurement: - 44 litres within 363 miles (Around 200 miles of motorway, 120 miles of single carriageway and the rest of it was within city with small-medium traffic) so around 36.5 mpg I don't know if it's normal for this model, or should I be worried, but I'm happy with the result. Thank you all for your help once again :)
  2. Just checked the oil level again. It doesn't have caramelised color, and doesn't seem to rise, in fact it is about to reach the minimum level (9k miles since the last oil change). So there's a chance that the 5th injector is faulty (just red it on other forums, that the most common fault is the 5th injector) I don't know how often it needs to regen, just my mechanic advised to give a bit of RPM every 50 miles, so the combustion's temperature (or intensivity) reaches a point where it burns the microbits to ashes and cleans the DPF out. Just ordered it from ebay. Thank you once again. The daily trip is consists 40 miles of motorway 15 miles of single-carriageway, and 5 miles of urban travel
  3. Hello! Thank you very much, that's a relief! I did a calculation now. on a 60 mile trip it consumes 1/8 of the tank which is roughly 8 litres, which is 35 mpg (surprised a bit, so there is a problem somewhere). I don't know how to program in any languages aside from visual basic in MS excel, but aside from that, I consider myself an expert in Windows user. There is a slight white smoke coming out in heavy acceleration when I do a DPF burnout every 50 miles, but aside from that, nothing. The oil colour and level is normal, and the coolant as well.
  4. Hello Everyone! Last year I've invested in this car, and apart a few issues (mentioned below) I can't really complain about it, since it served us pretty well so far. The main question is: Does anyone owns the same model with more than 130k miles in it, and does he/she faced any major problems which turned the car into a money pit? The issue (summarised in bold) EGR and DPF (Check VSS with limp mode). I know that every diesel engines faces the same issue with it. After 2 months of headache I decided to remap the ECU by a professional and block it off. £300 well spent. 300 miles later the Check VSC came up again, so I decided to buy an ODB2 reader to see what's up. It said "serious fuel leakage". After a decent research, I checked everywhere (around, under, inside) if there's any leakage. Not a single drop (and it doesn't consumes more fuel than usual) so I just cancelled it to see if it comes up. Another 300 miles have passed, and no fault came up so far. The car seem to be healthy (no smoke, oil is fine, no odd noise, no leakage, etc), the only thing that worries me, is that the mpg display doesn't go over 33 mpg (perhaps because it's winter) and I drive the exact same route where I used to be able to get 45 mpg on the screen, and it seems to be weaker than it used to be. Perhaps I'm just being paranoiac, however I killed my MX5 because of my lack of knowledge, and I don't want the same destiny for the Lexus. Thanks in advance! Victor