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  1. I’m not sure what thread you’ve been reading, but it isn’t the one I started. If you want to show where I’ve rejected a ‘whole brand of car’ based on ‘two trivial aspects’, feel free to quote those parts. The car has been changed because the seat caused me severe back pain on every journey. The other features such as the gearbox and the infotainment were not ‘trivial’, but I could’ve lived with them, even if they spoilt my driving enjoyment. There were certainly no sleepless nights. When I sat in an RX, it felt in a whole different league, but was over the £40k tax bracket. However, Lexus IS a car company, it’s not the chosen transport of Jesus *****. As I’ve said previously, if you’re happy to tootle around in your car turning your radio up every time you need to accelerate to join a motorway safely, good for you. Personally, I value my back and it is entirely my fault that I looked at the Lexus manual and assumed that the premium pack included lumbar support. It is my fault that I didn’t spend more time in the car and play around with things and it’s my fault I thought I could live with the CVT drone. i consider life to short to make comprises on something as expensive as a car, so I moved it on. I am thrilled with my BMW. The new interior is amazing, it’s a great drive and feels a generation ahead of the Lexus. This will now be my last post on the forum so I wish you all well with your cars
  2. Bizarre. If you've made any attempt to overtake or join a motorway you can't fail to hear it. It's a characteristic of the car. I appreciate people get defensive of their car choice, but every single on line review mentions it. I agree the older BMWs had a lacklustre interior. However, the new G20 series which mine is, is great. But if people are happy with their NX that's fine. If we all liked the same, the world would be a boring place
  3. A BMW. I have to say, the interior and infotainment make the Lexus feel very last generation. It really is superb
  4. Absolutely. I had the NX for 24hrs, but that consisted of driving it home and around the local area. It didn't have the premium pack, so I dismissed some of the issues with the seat as I thought the higher spec would give lumbar support. I picked up on the CVT scream, but thought that I'd get used to it (I didn't). It's not that it only happens if your really pushing on. Overtaking on a dual carriageway or going up a steep hill was bordering on embarrassing with the high revs. The inform system is so Labour intensive it simply can't be used on the move. Lexus need to take a really good look at their system and compare it to rivals. They are leagues behind Audi and BMW. It's a shame as I like the look of the car and intended to keep it for a while. But life is too short so away it went.
  5. I didn't buy a RX because I didn't have £40k plus and didn't want one. I did plenty of research on the gearbox. I just thought I could live with the noise and the lack of torque. I couldn't. To suggest it's a 'bit noisier' is something of an understatement. What cars are advertised for and what they still for are two different things. I just know I've never had such difficulty trading a car. It was well put together, sometimes refined but too flawed for me. You live and learn.
  6. My three month ownership of an NX has finally come to an end. I really wanted to like the car and it was pretty nice around town, but I just couldn’t live with its numerous flaws. The biggest issue was the seating position that utterly crippled me. I think it’s down to the fact I’m tall and have the seat most of the way back. There just doesn’t seem to be enough reach adjustment on the steering wheel, combined with the lack of lumbar support. Ive never gelled with the cvt gearbox and found the screaming revs when asking for even a modest amount of power embarrassing. On the test drive, I convinced myself it wouldn’t be an issue, but I never grew accustomed to it. Finally, there is the shockingly poor infotainment system that had me shouting at it in frustration at times. A fairly expensive lesson that proves you should always buy the car you want rather than the one you think you need. More worryingly was the difficulty in moving it on. Many dealers just didn’t want it and even Lexus dealers weren’t interested. I eventually got p/x’d it, but with a painful loss. It appears hybrids aren’t in demand as much as I thought they would be. It’s going to a trade sales garage, a bit of a sad result for a three month old premium brand. Hope you all continue to enjoy yours, I doubt I’ll be returning to the brand
  7. I’ve got the same issue. Even to pause it takes a few clicks. It’s a woeful system
  8. I came from a 3.0 litre diesel A7 and now just cringe when I overtake anything. I always move it into sport mode, but you have to plan WELL ahead before making any overtake. The rise is noise level is positively embarrassing. I would definitely suggest you check the seats out of you’re tall. I’ve had mine for two months and they’re crippling. So much so I’m looking to get rid of it. I positively loathe driving it. I’ve never experienced a car that was so uncomfortable. I’ve had woeful offers on it, with some other marques not even interested in it as a p/x. I rue the day I convinced myself this was the car I needed. Never again
  9. Found the solution. There is an option of 'auto switch screen'. No idea why it reset itself, but it did. The infotainment really is as bad as the reviewers suggest.
  10. I'll have a look, but it's really odd as I've had the car five weeks now and I haven't changed any settings, but it's only just started doing it
  11. Had anybody had a problem with their info screen refusing to display anything other than maps. I prefer my screen to show media, but regardless of whether I pick media, radio or climate, it will display for around 15 seconds then switch back to the map screen. It's infuriating. Could be yet another trip back to the dealer, but as I'be been waiting over two weeks for then to contact me about my faulty seat, I'm not hopeful it will be resolved.
  12. It wouldn't be much more for mine. I'm being realistic what I'll get for it. Still painful though!
  13. Mine doesn't get hit for that. The list price was below £40k. I was very careful about that
  14. I've got a four week old, 19 plate NX (Premium pack + Protection pack) that I may be moving on. I just can't get comfortable in it. It'll be for sale for less than dealers are currently selling year old ones for. Only has 900 miles currently. Feel free to message me if you'd like more information
  15. The seat is still crippling me. Took it to an outside firm who fit lumbar support and his comment when he sat in the drivers seat was 'this feels really hard'. Took it back to the dealer, who sat in it and agreed it didn't feel right. Now waiting to see if they will replace it under warranty.