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  1. Thanks - I’ll have poke around at the weekend & see what I can find...
  2. Hmm...that’s very interesting, thanks - I’m wondering if Techstream might ‘find’ them? I haven’t invested in it yet, so now might be the time...
  3. And to answer your first question, yes, the only options available are speed & tach - I have none of the others listed, so they must all be options
  4. Thanks Paul - you’ve come to the same conclusion I did - I can’t think of any other reason than a new bumper at some point... :(
  5. Sorry, fat fingers & hit reply too soon - my satellite switch only has options for speed & tach...
  6. Seems a bit of an odd one to me, but here goes... I have a 2006 IS250 SE, without NAV, it has physical sensors in the rear bumper, (none in the front), but the car doesn’t beep when selecting reverse, or when reversing towards an object (even a solid wall), and I’ve never seen the green parking assist light on the dash. There’s the correct fuse in the passenger footwell fuse box, and it’s not blown. I’ve read about a ‘switch’ in the boot to turn it off if you’re towing a trailer, but can’t find any sign of one (unless it’s hidden under a trim panel), and there’s no sign of it ever having a tow bar fitted. Anyone got any thoughts on what’s going on, or know if it’s something that a dealer could have turned off? (If so, could I buy tech stream & turn it back on?) Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi folks, New to Lexus ownership, (2006 IS250 SE) and the forum. Looking for recommendations on a good OBD2 scanner - TIA!
  8. K20FTY


    A few pics, as requested - please let me know if they should be in another section...
  9. K20FTY


    Thanks Paul - I did like HJ’s reference to ‘the most reliable car you can buy’ ...
  10. K20FTY


    New (to me - 2006) IS250 owner here - looking forward to lurking & finding lots of good info...
  11. I did a quick search for LEXUS on the Tapatalk app, and there you were!