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  1. Hi All Fitted some new LED number plate lights today on my LS400. They were around £4 off eBay. Its a quick and easy upgrade and makes such a big difference! Gives it a more upgraded look... very bright I must say. Gave the plastic lenses a good clean aswell to enhance the brightness 🙂 Next job for weekend is upgrading foglights to clear white ones to match with xenon's 😄 excited!
  2. Thanks for your responses all..appreciated. I took it to a local tyre place, got all 4 tyres changed (part-worn), i found out that one of the front tyre was badly worn and the other had plenty of thread (assume previous owner replaced one with brand new and left the other) So, once i got the tyres replaced, took it for a spin and the problem has gone! I've got a long journey to do this weekend so will be able to tell 100% if its cured. Fingers crossed 🙂
  3. Thanks for the speedy response Paul! The tyres need changing anyway (thread pretty low) so was thinking of getting brand news on all 4 tyres. Once I've done this best to get wheel aligned? If its not the tyres/alignment any other ideas what could be causing it?
  4. Hi All So far loving my LS400 and im now into my 2nd month of ownership 🙂 First time I took it for a long tide on the Motorway and today noticed the steering wheel shaking between 60-65mph. Could wheel misalignment cause this or could it be something more serious? After 70mph its fine and below 60 all good. Hoping it something simple to fix! Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Regards, Jav
  5. David - really like your set up. those SC430 wheels look really nice! Couple questions 1. Are they 18s? 2. Standard suspension? 3. How's the ride quality with your current set up? 4. Direct fit or did you need any mods/spacers?
  6. Thanks for the comments! Yes, I've also considered SC430 alloys - they look ace on the LS, although I've read that I'll need to put spacers on in order to fit those?
  7. I think the guy I bought the car off said he went to Edinburgh to purchase the car - about 3 years ago. I bought the car from West Midlands. Car was up north for most of its life
  8. I love the ride but would just be nice if it had a nicer set of wheels to give it the full package! The wheels are a bit basic in my opinion. I like everything about the car...but just not the wheels...that's just my opinion! Ride quality is not something I'd be willing to sacrifice for a set of good looking wheels. @Cotswold Pete I absolutely love the colour of your LS400 - I've seen one on ebay recently... I would love to have this colour Anyway thanks everyone for your advice
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I'd really like to change the wheels, but to be honest I've never done this before so its an area I'm looking for some advice. I've looked at coilovers on ebay....but they are so expensive?? any reason for this? (£600-£700 quid!) Also, would love to put on some nice Work Euroline DH alloys (like the ones in the below pic) but again I've never done this and sounds like I need spaces/arches rolled back etc? :| worried that is may impact ride quality (which is one of main reasons I got the car)...as you can probably tell I've been browsing the US Lexus forum site and love the VIP look
  10. Hi All I purchased my first ever Lexus LS400 in Dec'18. Been browsing these for a while and I've always loved the 90's Japanese styling! Finally decided to buy one and absolutely love it! Super smooth and soo much luxury! Just thought I'd introduce myself and hope to share happy moments with you all 😄 Some pics attached - its completely stock and have some plans for new wheels and coilovers soon. Look forwarding to speak to you LS400 enthusiast and get some ideas/tips! Jav