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  1. Adaptive Cruise Control does the same in traffic - will quite happily sit there holding it on the brakes for you, then asks you to press accelerator or the resume button when the car in front moves off.
  2. I am fairly sure it is using the service brake, I have not heard the EPB actuating or releasing when using the brake hold. It appears there is both an auto and manual hold - the auto hold engages on an incline but only holds the brakes for 2 seconds after you take your foot off the pedal. The manual hold appears to hold "indefinitely" although I am unsure if there is some limit on how long the solenoids in the ABS/ESC actuator can stay switched on.
  3. Same opinion, looking out the window is still the best for observing road signs!
  4. I've not experienced this directly but I have found that the speed limit information displayed is quite often inaccurate. On the estate I live on (30 mph roads) it tells me either 20 or 30 and sometimes 5 (depending I think on whether the camera picks up the 5 mph limit at the local convenience store). It's also a bit hit and miss on smart (sic) motorways, where sometimes overhead speed limit changes are picked up and sometimes they aren't. I also find the more general road sign recognition isn't that great - at my work location we have a 15 mph and 20 mph speed limits (consistently picked up), a no overtaking sign (consistently picked up) and a stop sign (almost consistently not picked up). Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  5. Yes there is indeed a crease line. I would probably not have noticed it otherwise!
  6. Hi Habu Which level of trim are you interested in?
  7. Yes i thought the audio version number strange, I wonder if it relates to the hardware, I believe the system in the ES is from Panasonic, is that the same in the NX? Also do share more about the nav DB update; I assume this is a paid update though? I've always found it a bit strange that in a new car the nav DB is out of date; my previous Lexus and Toyota vehicles were similar with a DB already around 6 months old at delivery. I appreciate it takes time to process these but still ...
  8. Hello, on mine it's as follows, the instructions are indeed correct (if you look at "software information" you get pages of open source licence screed ...) Audio: 1000 Navigation: 1512 nav_db: 943 Further information shown is the model ID of the "DCU" (display control unit?) and MEU as follows DCU 17LDLMEU-DB00 MEU 17LMLMEU-FB00 I wonder if any of these version numbers have a bearing on the potential availability (or otherwise) of the elusive CarPlay? Mine was probably built around October 2018; it came off the boat in December 2018.
  9. Just had a look at mine and pretty sure (from the on/off behaviour) they are LEDs - although they do look a bit like a bulb. Bizarrely (on my base model) the front indicators are incandescent - weird huh?
  10. I've just tried the recall checker on the Lexus website and nothing shows up for my ES. But it has just had its first service (10k miles in 6 months) so possible something was done then. I did get a recall notification however about the e-Call system not being activated correctly. The dealer called me twice to encourage me to bring it in!
  11. Hi all, newbie here, I also ordered mine "blind" (as a lease) but having had a CT previously and driven one or two other models I didn't think I'd be disappointed (and wasn't). I did sit in one in the US before committing though! I've also noted discrepancies in the online spec compared to what's on the car, mine is the base model - the configurator is still saying this includes wireless phone charger, rear screen blind and rain-sensing wipers but none of these are on the car. Brought this up with the dealer and got a dismissive reply that these are part of the premium pack (disappointing given the great customer service I've otherwise had) and then contacted Lexus directly with a similar "blah" reply. But minor niggles really as even the base model is pretty well equipped.
  12. Hi all another happy ES owner here. I've had mine just over a month now, I think it may have been one of the first delivered. Only real annoyance is lack of CarPlay, I complained directly to Lexus about this given that is available on the car in the USA but got a "blah blah" reply. In response to the most recent question, mine also came without a handbook but the dealer was happy to send one to me. Have been getting around 51 mpg which is about the same I was getting in my last car, a CT! Any other questions, feel free to ask.