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  1. Thanks again everyone. Some more progress. firstly it is not a new battery, it was being reinstalled after being charged in the home. It is the same type that was in there previously. I dont know why that particular ''model" was picked, but it would have been by Halfords about 8 (?) years ago. Something about being Ca ralther than Pb rings a bell. I am intrigued that the new official spec in higher. The battery does drain to flat if the car is not driven for a few weeks. Today we located a blown section in the linear fuse and by shorting across that fuse We could start the car. Whilst Started, all appeared normal although if the short is then removed the car continued running but all previous defects returned. Technically I think this could be sorted by fixing some rated fuse w ire across the break but the likely outcome will be a whole new linear fuse box...
  2. Thanks everyone, I have made a small amount of progress... I have located the 3rd fuse box (Driver's side, behind the bonnet release) Unfortunately as the seats are electric I can't move them back to get access to the cabin fuse boxes ! More importantly, having spoken with a helpful Lexus dealer, the suspicion is now on the "Block Assembly Fusable Link". I can't really see for myself if these have blown (it seems a strange design, I'm sure that there's a good reason for it...) I can't really get a photo with good focus, but it does look a bit like these are blown. I have a local garage coming round to have a look to confirm. Hopefully if it is, they can order and replace, otherwise it looks like I'll have to get it towed to a Lexus dealer.
  3. when replacing the battery I think that the polarity might have very briefly been reversed (for a fraction of a second) I'm now getting some very odd results and can't start the car. when new battery connected, alarm activated and was silenced by key fab. Central locking doesn't work key fob recognised first press is normal Display says press brake pedal to start Second press of start (no brake) triggers diags as normal Pressing brake and start switches off car Hazard lights work- Indicators from stick don't. Full beam works, lights fro m stick dont doors and seats dont work Mirrors and seats dont work hi-fi doesn't work Replaced 2 blown 30A fuses 5&7 How do I get to fuses 10 to 19? Are there any drivers side fuses or important fuses in the passenger foot well? HELP PLEASE!! Thanks.