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  1. I remember seeing one of these gear boxes put together as a cut away behind a Perspex screen at Burnaston when I worked there absolutely amazing tech.
  2. It also helps to check your own exchange rates because their conversion to GBP is not always accurate, but like you say their service is superb and they have some good special offers.
  3. Thats included in that price but you have to select the right postage option or you will have to pay duty ( I have no idea how this works ).
  4. I don't have an rx of that year but in my ct I can use the key to lock the doors with the windows down and it doesn't set the alarm which also helps.
  5. Basically for me it's a case of ordering RX330 parts from rockauto in the states as they are uk vat registered you pay no duty and their prices can work out way cheaper a gates cam belt kit including water pump was £150 delivered.Handbrake cables were £60 delivered euro car parts wanted £80 for one.
  6. I used to work at Toyota building cars and can confirm that around 2000 Toyota moved to a parts globalisation strategy which means that parts from different models/countries can be interchangeable there are some exceptions for eg the door locks on uk cars have a deadlock system where as most other countries didn't. The hardest part is finding the part numbers, I recently bought a cam belt kit for my RX300 from Rock auto but was for a RX330 as the engine was changed in displacement in the U.S all they did for the U.K was globalise the ancillary parts. Same for the handbrake cables. Finding the part numbers is a skill but can be done as you have found out.
  7. Are the dealers service departments not working as when I had mine changed they only charged £130 fited so couldn't you get them to fit one.That was for an agm as well.
  8. \please tell me you have an rx450h on lpg I am considering changing my Rx300 which is on lpg to a 450h if I can lpg one.
  9. I can also recommend Rock Auto from the states new parts at used part prices although like me you have a 2005 so a bit of part number research is needed because they had the rx330 for that year, I bought 2 parking brake cables delivered to the uk for £60 when euro car parts wanted £80 each. New gates timing belt kit inc water pump £120 delivered if you chose the right delivery method as they are UK vat registered there's no duty. HTH.
  10. Having previously worked for Toyota at their factory in Burnaston,they have a habit of keeping things very hush hush until they are in pre production.I have heard they are investing in solid state batteries which are supposed to be lighter and more energy efficient. I also wouldn't be surprised for them not to bother with EV and move to hydrogen fuel cell they already produce a car called the mirai which is a hydrogen powered car.Toyota is a company that will only change when sales of current models drop off. If hybrids continue to sell well why change?
  11. Rock auto from america works out about £90 delivered with certain carriers no duty to be paid and they take paypal I have used before for Cam belt kit and handbrake cables just cross reference original part numbers.
  12. I also changed the transmission fluid as I tow but unless its not cherry red I wouldn't worry. Plugs are a sod use iridium 100k change interval water pumps are pretty long lasting if correct coolant is used.Toyota llc is available at a reasonable cost of the bay better to use that than some generic brand.Check the diff oils for some reason my rear diff oil had emulsified a bit , not enough to worry about but changed it anyway.
  13. Pretty sure as most modern cars have it the Lexus will be equipped with emergency brake assist, this works by how quickly the brake pedal is being applied. If you need to stop in an emergency and stamp on the pedal it increases the force. I have an rx3oo and when I hit the pedal in an emergency ABS certainly kicked in,didn't need that much force either. Try stamping on brakes quickly just once and see if it makes a difference.
  14. The wiper arms should be set to a mark that is on the windscreen, a small dot.To do this you will have to remove the wiper arm and sand/file the existing high points from the wiper arm and reposition on the splined shaft from the motor. This is tapered and will recut the splines in the wiper arm as it is ally on steel. I used to build Toyotas and had to do this a few times when the wipers were fitted to motors that had been activated prior to the arms being fitted. hth
  15. There is a sequence you have to go through to reset all the windows and the sunroof although the sunroof one can be a bit of a pita.For the windows you have to set each one at the door switch by lowering them half way then pulling up on the switch till the window closes hold the switch for about 3 secs ,on mine you can here the motor click out you have to do this on each door individually.If one door does is not set then tha auto open close does not work so its worth checking that they all one touch auto open from the main switch on the drivers door. If the sunroof is not reset the windows should stil auto open from the remote.As far as I know there is no resetting for the remote necessary. I hope that you find a solution and post just incase lol.