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  1. Just for info, rather than getting no useful answers and just a sad sarcatsic comment, I used the US website "Club Lexus" who helped me find all of the information I needed through an Australian contact. They were very helpful, just like this board used to be when I joined as a gold member some years ago. This site seems to be OK if you have a mark 1 or mark 2, but I don't think the community have the contacts or the knowledge they are prepared to share on the mark 3s - this is fine, but it is a bit of a shame that the only answers you do get are sarcastic. Farewell.
  2. As a follow up... Lexus Perth (Australia) didn't try very hard to find out why the satnav box and Australian DVD in a UK GS430 might be incompatible and what could be done to resolve. They just told me what a bad idea it was to export to Australia and that I should think about buying one of their Lexus GS430s. Lexus UK customer services said they don't know and that I should ring their £1.50 a minute technical advice line. Now to pay my finance off in the UK and ship the car to Australia will cost me £22K. To buy the same age car from a Australian Lexus dealer will cost $AUS80K or about £39K UK. It is a load of hassle to ship / import the car and it will be more dificult to sell the UK car in Australia as it will be an import but it can be serviced there and will depreciate at the same pace. If I could just find out what modification I might need to make to get the satnav working in Australia, then it will help me decide whether to bother taking it or not. Any help appreciated. I would particularly appreciate it if somebody could tell me if there is anyone else I could talk to before I ring the Lexus technical helpline. Cheers, Marcus.
  3. I have slightly cracked the boot spoiler on my pride and joy - Lexus want silly money for a new one in silver - bonkers. Anyone know where I can get one or know of a repairer, the crack is 5mm or so in size? Thanks, MArcus.
  4. Here is a bizarre one. I am emigrating in October and thinking of taking my GS430 with me. The UK and Australian GS are the same / very similiar but one area they (apparently) are not is the compatibility of the DVD satnav. For some reason the UK market satnav and Australian disk will not work together. I am hoping that someone from the Lexus technical community may see this and be able to find out - is there any way of solving the problem? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Marcus.
  5. Hi All, I thought I'd better let you know about this set of wheels I have up on ebay. No reserve. They came off my 2005 GS430, have been refurbished and have some minor scrapes / chips. Chance to get a real bargain as new ones are £375 each.;rd=1&rd=1 Best regards, Marcus.
  6. Hi All, I thought I'd better let you know about this set of wheels I have up on ebay. No reserve. They came off my 2005 GS430, have been refurbished and have some minor scrapes / chips. Chance to get a real bargain as new ones are £375 each.;rd=1&rd=1 Best regards, Marcus.
  7. Hi All, After a slight mishap, I have cracked the boot lip spoiler on my 2005 GS. Lexus want £530 to supply and fit, £475 of which is the spoiler! I have checked the price with them and they say that's what it is - £475 for a thin strip of plastic. Lextasy has what they say is an OEM for less than £200 but it is hassle getting it from the US. I wondered of anyone knew an OEM supplier in the UK where I could get one for cheaper? Thanks, Marcus.
  8. Hi All, I thought I would design a poll to see how reliable others are finding the 2005-on GS models. Note where I ask the question regarding type of faults, I meant to ask main types of fault. Thanks. Thanks, Marcus.
  9. Dear All, On average I see around 17.1 - 17.5 mpg with just town driving rising to 18-19 with some longer A road driving. If I drive longer distance via Motorway at a reasonable pace, then I will see 24-27mpg. I did use to get 18.5mpg wherever I drove and however much I put my foot down and I wondered if there are any air sensors that might get gummed up. I would be interested to hear others views or reflections with the 4.3 V8 engine and mpg. Best regards, Marcus.
  10. My 2005 GS came with Dunlop SP Sport 2030 as originals, which lasted 18K miles and still had 4mm left. I replaced with Goodyear Eagle F1s which were more expensive, made slightly more road noise and had no noticeable improvement in wet or dry grip. They lasted 11K miles. I'm back with the quieter, cheaper and better Dunlop SP Sport 2030s and they are great. I am noticing a slightly softer rise as well, which is good news with the GS.
  11. Hello there, I thought you might be interested in my experiences to date with my GS430 (current model). I have owned 4 Lexus GS models over the last 10 years (two of which have been new) and only visited the dealers for servicing until I bought a used April 2005 GS430 at 6 months old (for £38000). I buy them because they have been extremely reliable, well made and specified- and probably because I am a bit of a perfectionist and their marketing appealed! However, this particular car has been to the dealer 18 times other than servicing since then as follows: 09/11/05 - refurb wheels / pain front bumper (dealer said they were spotless when bought car over phone, they weren't so they agreed to refurb) / headrests came away from plastic backs, replaced 23/12/05 - refurb wheels again (dealer had them painted and they bubbled) 18/01/06 - mirror glass discoloured and replaced / aircon treated due to bad smell 27/02/06 - smell returned, aircon treated again 23/03/06 - drivers door wouldn't close properly, seal replaced 31/03/06 - smell returned, aircon treated again 11/05/06 - smell returned, aircon treated again - dash out / fitted new set of alloys (I funded two) 29/08/06 - rear brake calliper siezed, replaced / driver seat would not stop creaking, replaced 28/02/07 - passenger seat would not stop creaking, replaced 09/03/07 - dash rattle, taken out for factory mod to be applied 30/03/07 - dash rattle, centre console replaced, more work required and booked in for 13/04/07 Plus 7 times for diagnosis. I should mention that everything above other than the two new wheels I bought as part of a deal with the supplying dealer has been covered under warranty. The alloys and bumper painting were just preperation issues, so no problem there until they had problems refurbishing the wheels! There has been only one mechanical failure (the brake calliper) however, nearly all of the other faults have been with the internal packaging (aircon / seat and dash creaks). The dealer has said that there have been quite widespread seat and dash problems. If you think about it none of the faults are particularly serious as far as function goes, but the experience of driving the car that one would expect has been consistently disappointing. The reason I write is that I am very surprised that Lexus do so well in reliability surveys and wonder if they include other than mechanical failures? I also wonder what others thoughts are about the interior rattles on this model and if anyone knows any more about what causes them, how they can be solved and if Lexus actually have a widespread problem with quality? Best regards, Marcus.
  12. I have my 2005 Lexus GS430 in Palladio Silver with Black Leather for sale. It is the latest model and has the very high specification as standard with the build quality, finish and reliability that you would expect from Lexus. It is a completely standard car. The car has FLSH, Lexus warranty to April 2008, 6-speed automatic gearbox with sport / tiptronic setting if required, keyless go with push button start, touchscreen UK and Europe DVD satellite navigation with traffic jam alert and auto reroute, handsfree bluetooth phone link, climate control (with driver / passenger temperature settings), electric memory heated / ventilated seats for driver and passenger (these blow warm or cool air through the seat bottom - great in winter or summer), electric tilt / telescopic steering column, electric tilt / slide sunroof, 6-cd standard premium Mark Levinson stereo with DSP / surround sound / subwoofer, active xenon headlamps (they turn as you turn the steering wheel) with heated washers, park distance control front and rear with rear camera (colour picture pops up on Satellite Navigation screen), dynamic radar cruise control (keeps a set distance / speed from the car in front), electric / heated / folding mirrors, 18" unmarked smoke chrome alloys (no kerbing or corrosion), electronic adjustable suspension / variable gear ratio steering (normal or sport), speech command system, electric rear blind, soft close boot, ABS, brake assist, traction control, tyre pressure monitors, automatic rain sensitive wipers, automatic headlamp activation, full automatic dip mirrors (to avoid being dazzled). This car cost £47K new and I am selling it at 20 months old for circa £20K less and after all of the heavy depreciation has taken place!! The reason I am selling is that I am emigrating to Australia and the car does not fit into my plans (import tax makes taking your car pointless). It is priced at least £1K less than any similiar car in a Lexus dealership. As the car has a transferable Lexus warranty valid for three years or 60000 miles, you will have exactly the same protection as if you had bought the car from a dealer, so you have no additional risk and nothing to lose (except avoiding contact with a car salesman!). The car has never been smoked in and has been well looked after. This is my fourth Lexus since 1995 and I will be sorry to see it go. I bought it in November 2005 at 7527 miles and it was serviced then (intermediate) and again at 19850 (Full). It's next (intermediate) service is due at 30000 miles. If bought at the very reasonable asking price of ONLY £26995, I will service the car at Lexus before collection AND I will throw in an identical set of wheels for this car (2 of this spare set have minor kerb scrapes and all would benefit from refurbishment - I replaced these at 12K miles with a new set that are on the car). If bought new these are £375 (each!) from a Lexus dealer. The car is also for sale on the same terms on ebay and autotrader. See this link for pictures Please call me on 07920 094900 or pm me to arrange to view the car.
  13. Hi, No centre caps - sorry. Best regards, Marcus.
  14. Hi there, I do have photo's. If you pm me your email, I'll send them over as they are too large to attach. Here is a link to them on Yahoo photo's also. They do not have tyres, but I am sure Tony at WIM will help get you a great deal. Best regards, Marcus.