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  1. Hi All, Have a 2002(Dec) LS 430 with a Mark Levinson Radio and separate amp situated in boot. I am trying to install a Parrot MKi9200 bluetooth system but have encountered a problem with the ISO cable. Almost all the people I have contacted tell me that the Mark Levinson system was not fitted to LS430s until 2005. Lexus tell me this is not true,as I well know. Can anybody give me any details as to which ISO cable I should use at the amp end as all the ones recommended do not fit. Any help appreciated
  2. jjf946@btconnect.com Two Sat Nav DvDs for sale 1 - Issue one 2001 1 - Issue one 2002 Genuine Lexus disks ( have upgraded to latest ) Offers
  3. Thanks for the info Phil, strange to hear that no car in the States has alumimium parts in the cockpit. must just be another rip-off in the UK. regards John
  4. :duh: Have the same problem Chippy01, Lexus informed me that to replace the aluminium parts on the parts you mentioned could be done but at a cost of over :tomato: £1000 yep £1000, as mine was a brand new car I was a bit miffed to say the least. Am at a loss as to why some LS430s have wood and some have the aluminium on certain parts. Still trying to find somebody who can do just the bits that are missing. Good luck anyhow
  5. :mat: Sorry this is a bit late but had a few computer probs. Anyway I have put my report on here, and just looking at it there does not seem to have been any changes made ! My LS430 is a standard off the shelf car. Car went in at 10.30am Had a call at 11.30am to say there was a small adjustment to make and the car would be ready at 2.00pm. Hope the adjustment form is attached ( never done it before )
  6. Visited Drury Lane on Tuesday for a full geometry check. Nice guys, and everything was done as explained. No major problems just " a small adjustment" I was told. This was done and everything is fine. A point worth mentioning was the cost of the check, at £40.00 + vat, not a problem. But do ask the cost of any adjustments as this could surprise you. In my case the small adjustment cost a further £80.00 + vat. Still at least I know everything is spot on now. Thanks to Anees for the introduction.
  7. B) Just back from a tour of France,Switzerland & Italy. What a drive from my Lexus, superb does not do it justice. 3000 mile round trip and not another Lexus seen. Planning next one already.
  8. Thanks all for the info. To Colin I would ask if is possible to fit new Sat/nav Unit. The screen is the same so is it not just a case of poss fitting comlete hardware unit? or am I missing something. ( set myself up there )!!!!!!!1 Regards JJF
  9. Hi All Have an earlv version of LS430 (Jan 03) and would like to know if is possible to add Bluetooth technology to intregrate with the Sat/nav screen, as in the new model. Lexus support does not seem to be bothered to answer the question in depth, replying no to all questions. Surely its only a question of upgrading the software??. I do have the Lexus fitted phone but it only works with a motorola V50. and even that has to be a lexus version.
  10. Just had my second set of wheels replaced due to corrosion. Am told that Lexus is aware of the problem, but as it only happens on GB cars due to the salt used on the roads its cheaper for them to replace than change the spec. That is for now at least. Not had a problem having them replaced. Sorry state of affairs though.