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  1. THANKS!!!!!! Sorry, haven't worked out how to post a reply but needed to say I appreciate very much all your replies. Battery now on charge. In the middle of French countryside, sometimes go a bit AWOL.
  2. A gent called Herbie replied to my 1st question. So this morning I've got the CTEK MX5 charger. It says put the black clamp on the car chassis?!?! not the negative battery terminal. I thought my Dad, boyfriends, husband put the black on the neg battery terminal even when battery was on the car, that's what I do with the lawnmower. Is this car suddenly different? Where on the chassis, the wires are short, the chassis is curved generally. Need to get this car going been a week now. Stressed. What's going to happen if I put the black clamp to the neg battery terminal? Thanks in advance again, sorry.
  3. For over 12 mths the boot will not close properly so when engine is stopped I have to ensure the "open door" light is not showing on the dashboard, or battery goes flat. Managed with that so far. Past 3/4 months the heating system which is usually on lo, air conditioning on, fan on at various speeds, used to be the same when I turned the engine back on. Now it's gone to temp of 22, and the front widscreen defogger is flashing. I have to change it back to the way I want it. Now the battery is flat. So has the heating system caused that? How when engine is off? Sorry if following questions are daft: 1. To recharge battery with battery on car do I just need to detach the negative terminal, then attach battery charger? 2. In the book it says only do a slow charge, (5A or less) or battery may explode. What does slow charge mean. With my lawn mower and cars in the past, have just put the battery charger on, gone away, come back hours latter, all well. 3. I take it the car, windows doors etc will work after disconnecting and then connecting battery? Or is that complicated as well? Thanks in advance.
  4. But if it was a loose connection, that would not cause it not to close when slammed shut?? Thanks for your reply by the way.
  5. Hello, My Lexus IS250 SE (2005) has been giving problems with opening the boot with the button and the key for about a month. Next it has started not closing, so the little red light is always on when car is switched off. Battery goes flat, I found out last year. Not sure how it corrected itself last year but problem now here again. Driving around the other day the unlocked boot locked itself and the light went out. Decided I can't use the boot anymore until at least after my trip in Nov when car has to be left at airport. Anybody else had these problems? What was solution, what's causing it? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have just had my English IS250 SE to my French Toyota garage for them to change the passenger airbag after a re-call. Driving home I noticed a wire protruding from the dashboard, behind the steering wheel. The end showing looks a bit like the end you put in a mobile phone to charge it. Have pulled on it gently and the end I can't see appears to be attached to something. I sent a photo to the garage, who didn't respond they never do, phoned and it would appear the technician was shown the photo and doesn't know what it is. I have attached the photo to this (I hope). Is this a wire that should be in the car? Should the end showing be attached to something? If so what? (Everything seems to be working). Thanks in advance to anybody who replies.
  7. I have just had the 02 sensor P0138 circuit high voltage,(bank 1 sensor2) replaced. VSC and engine light and traction light on since Xmas. Difficulty finding honest mechanic and with right equipment near me. (France) Toyota/Lexus definately not honest so can't go there. Immediately lights are still the same, now code is P0031 Bank 1 Sensor 1 Can't really deal with this now till May, what does this sensor do? Can I use car safely or can I damage it? Don't do many miles.