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  1. Thanks again for the opinions and experiences. On paper, a CT meets a lot of our needs for a nice town car and comes very well spec'd indeed. Most owners seem to like them, but I will be interested to test the ride and drivetrain. It's worth adding that I have a past car list littered with 300+hp models, some with coilover suspension - so I have a good sense of ride quality and whether extra power is useful! A 2.0 hybrid Corolla is £5k more expensive like-for-like, with performance that I'm not convinced we'll use. The Ioniq is barely less money and is, in my opinion, a step down. For better or worse, I've arranged a test drive in a CT200h next week. I'll report back on what I think after that.
  2. Interesting - thanks for all the replies so far. The range is now base, F-Sport and Takumi. I'm no expert on the specs of the CT200h over time, but I can see that the range is simplified and that the base model now has more equipment than it used to... everything I'd want, in fact. I'm pretty sold on a Toyota / Lexus hybrid and it looks like the CT200h is the joint cheapest, highest quality package. My current thinking is; - CT 200h: £21k new (3.9% finance), good spec, compact size, but about to be replaced. 12-month old models save £1.5k with glacial depreciation thereafter; used doesn't seem worth it. - Corolla: £23k new (0% finance - i.e. same cost as the CT with interest) for equivalent 1.8 hybrid drivetrain, with similar spec. New model, compact size, but more expensive for a "less premium" car, none second hand. Don't fancy the Auris hybrid. - Prius: £23k new (4.9% finance), newest tech, distinctive style. Might be too big, very hard to find used for any notable saving. Obviously the next step is that I should try all three!
  3. We live in a city centre and do generally low mileage in our car, which we run alongside our family van. We cycle / walk to work, but use the car where the van is too cumbersome around town - usually with the kids at weekends - on short journeys, with an occasional parental visit (100-mile) or long (500-mile!) business trip thrown in. Probably 3-4k miles a year. Currently, our runabout is a 12-year-old but nicely spec'd Audi A3 2.0T. This is a solid car offering easy performance, but I'd like to replace it with a 0-3 year old hybrid of a similar quality and compact size. (We can't have an EV or plug-in hybrid, as we don't have off-street parking for charging). There really isn't much out there that fits the bill apart from a Prius, which is 20cm longer than a CT200h and therefore getting a bit too big for parking on our street. The Prius gets better reviews, but it seems that the CT200h can be had for about £2k less if bought new. At the moment I can get a base model with a pretty good spec for just over £21k via Carwow, with low rate finance - all via a main dealer. That compares favourably with used models, making them almost not worth the small saving of a 1-2 year old. I just have some quick questions: - how much of a pain / learning curve is the footbrake? - the reviews are really mixed for the CT200h; it would be great to hear some opinions from long-term owners - I used to have performance cars, but am over it now. However, it would be good to hear that the CT200h is smooth around town on battery power... - would you bother getting a new car this late in the model cycle, or look elsewhere? Thanks in advance. 🙂