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  1. We are an Official Artisan Spirit seller. Take a look at our selection. Click Here
  2. Thanks Paul, we will always do our best to offer great service.
  3. We do ship outside of UK, but there are so many different costs we have to do it on a per order basis, fill this form out and put your shipping address in and we can get a quote for you. Lexus Parts Enquiry Form
  4. Hi Andrew, Sorry the price is set nationally with no mark up so we cant offer any discounts on it I am afraid.
  5. unfortunately I dont think a touch up stick will help in this particular scenario, but it is always useful to have one on hand should you need to touch in small stone chips and other marks.
  6. You can purchase your extended warranty on direct debit through us at Lexus Parts Direct - 0% APR.
  7. Hi @ALAW I can confirm the products are suitable for the UX!
  8. We would always recommend going genuine for your battery replacement and it would look like the genuine option is also the more cost effective option at only £112.46 from us at Lexus Parts Direct.
  9. It is not particularly difficult to fit the next base dashcam at home. We can supply both a front facing kit and a front and rear dashcam kit.
  10. At Lexus Parts Direct, all of the parts we supply are genuine Lexus Parts all at discounted prices so you can be absolutely sure of the quality that you are receiving!
  11. Have any of you tried fitting the RX400h or RX450h Catlock recommended by Lexus?
  12. If you need any parts for the work please do get in touch via our website. Always worth checking what we can supply the parts for compared to your local garage!
  13. This product is getting fantastic reviews on our website at the moment, maybe it is because it is super hot and everyone is blasting the air con at the moment. Just wondering if any of the Club Members have used the product and what your feedback is?
  14. Hi @Twellsie really sorry to hear that you have had this problem. I ran an ISF with 98,000 on the clock and had the same problem one day when I arrived into work. Sounds like this problem is becoming increasingly common on the older and higher mileage ISF's. If any of you need parts for your ISF's for preventative measures we have free shipping for club members using code "lovelexus" Kind regards, Jon
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