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  1. This product is getting fantastic reviews on our website at the moment, maybe it is because it is super hot and everyone is blasting the air con at the moment. Just wondering if any of the Club Members have used the product and what your feedback is?
  2. Hi @Twellsie really sorry to hear that you have had this problem. I ran an ISF with 98,000 on the clock and had the same problem one day when I arrived into work. Sounds like this problem is becoming increasingly common on the older and higher mileage ISF's. If any of you need parts for your ISF's for preventative measures we have free shipping for club members using code "lovelexus" Kind regards, Jon
  3. Hello I cant help with the TRD and TTE bodykits as they are no longer available new but we do have the front badge. Here is the link
  4. How many people use AutoGlym? We have a huge range of them and all cheaper than RRP.
  5. Hi Mike, If you are still looking for the grille, fill in the form and someone will get back to you
  6. Hi Nadim, If your still looking fill this form in and someone will look them up for you
  7. Fill out this form and someone from our team may be able to help
  8. Thanks for the recommendation @LexIS200Sport Remember to use discount code lovelexus for free shipping to Club Members.
  9. Hi Zeeshan, Please see a link below to the shock absorber you require. please place the order via the website and input your reg so we can ensure this is the correct part for your vehicle. if you use code lovelexus we will apply the free shipping discount
  10. We should be able to help, and we offer free shipping for club members. I am just looking at a price for you now and will come back to you shortly. Kind regards, Jon
  11. Hi @ColinBarber thankyou for the recommendation. We have free shipping on orders over £50 for all owners club members using code ownerclubmemberfs Please let us know if there is anything else you need!
  13. @MLW Thanks for the shout out. For any future orders, owners club members can use discount code "lovelexus" for free shipping!
  14. @jenkiadr we supply genuine Lexus parts at discounted prices, all parts delivered to your door. We can supply you with this part for only £852.36 + £5.99 for delivery. Please see a link to the product below. If you have any questions or need any more information at all just let us know.
  15. Hi Janey We would love to attend if possible, we will have a stand and Lexus or 2 🙂
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