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  1. no worries, if you need anything let us know, Good luck with your problem
  2. If your looking for the part and information fill out this form and someone will get back to you. We Supply Genuine Lexus parts cheaper than main dealers
  3. Hi Guys, We are now an authoirsed trader on here and we beat all main dealer prices. If you want us to price up the ones for your car fill this form out and someone will get back to you Cheers
  4. Hi Jon, We are now an official Trader, and we beat main Dealer prices on all genuine Lexus Parts Fill this form out and we will price up the brake pads for you Cheers
  5. Hi Jay, We have just become an authorised trader on here, We beat main dealer prices We can get you all sorted. Fill this out and someone will get back to you with the details
  6. This is one Lexus recommends if it help
  7. I can check to see if Lexus provide one (We beat main dealers) PM me your reg or fill in the enquiry form and we can check for you
  8. Would you like me to price up the genuine ones for your vehicle? If so PM me your reg of fill in the enquiry form (We beat main dealers)
  9. Hi Ziggy, the best way to go through what's available for your vehicle is by your reg or vin number, send me a PM or fill in the enquiry form on the site, sorry for the lateness
  10. There is no deception just be honest, My Antie is on mine she lives in Liverpool i put her occupation and address and all of her details. Obviously, she knows it as well, But Reduced my premium by a lot.
  11. They dont have to live with you, Antie's, Sister's Any female friends - Don't have to have the same last name
  12. To get my insurance down i added Female Family members (Even if they will never drive the car) this brought the price down a lot, I have relatives over 100 miles away on my insurance policy as named drivers. They will never drive the car but helps me with the cost. Give it a try 🙂
  13. Hi Ziggy, I have quizzed the team to see what we can do for you 😛