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  1. Hi @alfala please let me know your registration and we can quote on you on the correct part for your vehicle. Kind regards,
  2. We now stock this repair kit! Get yours today at Lexus Parts Direct, only £73.24! Free delivery over £100 using code LOVELEXUS
  3. As a way to say thank you to the Lexus community and for helping us grow the Lexus Parts Direct website, we are offering all existing customers Free Shipping on all orders over £100. Use discount code LOVELEXUS *Free shipping up to the value of £5.99 on all orders over £100.00
  4. In other news, we are offering free shipping to all Lexus Owners Club members. Use discount code: LOVELEXUS For free shipping on all orders over £100!
  5. Hi @C.B you are correct, we will look to get this amended!
  6. This is the approved Lexus Faraday Wallet. When it comes to protecting your car do not risk it with a cheap amazon imitation!
  7. @MAYNAN Hi! The product @Lexus_Steve is talking about is the Lexus Air Conditioning System Cleaner which you can purchase from us at Lexus Parts Direct. This is an excellent product which kills bacteria that builds up throughout the air conditioning pipes which cause a foul smell. Stops unpleasant odour effectively Injected into the system (not just released and circulated) Removes germs, bacteria and fungus (linked to respiratory issues) Preventive effect inhibiting bacteria and micro-organism growth Easy to use at home Many customers also use the Lexus Fuel Treatment at the same time to ensure that their car is in tip top condition! I hope that helps?
  8. Send us an enquiry and we will come back to you with price and availability. We beat main dealer prices!
  9. Hi Ailandas, I hope that the community will be able to answer your questions about the process of replacing the gaskets. If you need any parts, please do give us a call or send us an enquiry, we are always happy to help. All our products are heavily discounted and much cheaper than what you would find at a main dealer! Kind regards, Jon
  10. Hi David, I have checked with the companies that we deal with and they don't do the front arch extensions and unfortunately don't have any plans to in the near future. Sorry! Kind regards, James
  11. Good morning David, I thought I would drop you a quick message to let you know that we now have all of the Artisan Spirit bodykit parts up on the website. All of the parts for your RC-F are available here on the website. If anything is of interest to you, or you would like to ask any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Kind regards, James.
  12. Hi @MerchantOfVenice if you can supply your registration I will send you over a price, delivered to your door! Kind regards, Jon
  13. All of our Thule roof boxes are heavily discounted and well below prices found elsewhere:
  14. HI @Cracksta just wondered if you wanted us to take a look at this for you? Kind regards, Jon
  15. Hi @Cracksta. Glad you like the look of the site! 1. With the aircon cleaner you do not need to drain the gas. The method of using the aircon cleaner is to remove the pollen filter and the product as a large tube attached to it, you place this inside the air vent duct and spray. In addition to this it is recommended that you spray using the tube, down the air vents inside the cabin. This creates a film around the air conditioning ducting, killing current bacteria and creating a protective film for future use. This also leaves a fresh smell when using the aircon. 2. With the brake discs and pads I would just need confirmation of your registration to confirm what parts are correct for your vehicle. Look forward to hearing from you soon. All parts listed on the site are genuine lexus parts!