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  1. The latest software update changed it to the right and the screen display looks better once you play with the stock display settings. I kept the brightness setting on max and contrast in the middle setting.
  2. I just got the install for vline 2 and did a review video. Check it out if your unsure whether to commit to it.
  3. Ok so I have the stock mark Levinson nav multi pack system with 7 inch screen, rear camera and DVD player. I understand options for a stereo replacement are limited as the controls like climate control are linked into the system. There are some Chinese head units that have a 10.4 inch screen that apparently have control of all features built into the stock system and they apparently come with android 7.0? The other option is to keep the stereo as it is and add something like Grom Vline which adds Android to the existing system, all apps from the play store are accessible albeit you'll be stuck with a touch screen from 2006. So no HD display. Mirrorcast is handy to have, but I basically want an android interface with access to play apps and not have to use my phone other than provide a wifi hotspot as I'll have unlimited tethering data. My question is..... what is the best way to do this without changing too much to the stock stereo? Cheers.
  4. Yeah that looks really nice. I'm sold on the tint and spoiler and even though black rims look mean, scuffs show up more on them
  5. So my Is250 sel is a 56 plate and I've decided to give it some subtle mods to keep it looking stock but up to date. I'm going for ISF feel but keeping the SEL eligence. A lip spolier has been ordered, the rear windows will get tinted, but I cant decide whether to change the rim colour to a light gun metal or keep it the same colour. Gun metal will make it look newer but I'm worried the rims will always look dirty as I dont think dark rims normally look as good on a black car. I'm keen to hear some imput on this dilema 🤔
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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