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  1. When I found the correct page I found the answer! 736 pages in owners manual & 353 pages in Navigation manual ... plenty to look through! For some models only - mine obviously! - 'can open by pulling inside handle even if the lock button is in the lock position.' I'll mention to dealer how good manual is when I next visit.
  2. Believed my CT's doors and boot locked when reaching 20mph, but notice passenger can exit (when engine running and not in 'P') without usual unlocking by pressing door lock switch on drivers door panel. Boot and rear doors lock and can only be opened by pressing switch. Dealer advises this is correct, I thought it was a safety feature on cars to stop anyone opening doors from outside. Also said manual is not worth paper written on. Maybe some advice is available...
  3. Where? When? Can you point me to it?
  4. I am unable to comment further. But... If anyone, other than myself, experiences these issues I would still appreciate their comments, otherwise if no one else has these issues that will also be useful information. Thanks for all comments so far.
  5. I would totally agree, if I could get this noise issue sorted! My previous CT was as you describe, although one of the things I really enjoyed was 5 rattle free years! The suspension and steering are much improved on current CT but....
  6. Interested in where you read about noise from outside the CT?
  7. No feedback from other owners, that is the strange thing. Lexus advise no other complaints received regarding this either.
  8. I have, and as previously mention had one for five years, which didn't have this issue.
  9. Out on country roads I find the handling brilliant, quick turn in to corners with little body role. I've got an 2019 version (you may read about my issue with noise entering cabin elsewhere!), just wondering if you have upgraded suspension fitted on your car? It now comes as standard. Cars suit the individual.
  10. Always makes you wonder who designs these....
  11. CT has been into third different dealer, although on this occasion was informed noise heard should not be entering cabin, work to improve does not seemed to have worked.... arrived home with another headache!
  12. Something must have been altered for the current 2019 model, a huge step backwards as far as I'm concerned.
  13. My previous 2014 CT was different to 2019 model as far as noise entering cabin from passing vehicles.
  14. Are you talking about road noise, from the tyres? Yes this is noticeable on poor/rough surfaces but very quiet on modern smooth tarmac. My issues are 'noise from passing vehicles'.
  15. I'm 6'3" and have no issues once steering wheel is lifted up and seat positioned correctly. Although I have set electric seat memory for different shoes i.e. trainers have big soles!