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  1. I need to start doing some of this work myself...this is helpful!
  2. cheers Paul, I’ll mention this to the garage and try and get this sorted soon to save on replacement parts.
  3. Thanks both, will go through the suggested options. I’ll probably end up taking to an indie to get this checked out and ask them to have a look at the callipers. Any idea how much that should cost to replace? Also one point to note, I get the sound when driving off at low speeds too (basically in traffic when car is in drive but I’m not pressing down on the accelerator) so it’s not just when I’m using the brakes.
  4. Hello i get a squealing/whistling noise from my is250. The noise is quite pronounced when I slowly step on the brakes and only at low speeds. Hard braking or when at >20mph generates no sound. It’s also there but less audible when driving off, once it’s at >20mph the sound is gone. Any ideas what this might be? I got the brakes cleaned (pads are new) but that didn’t help. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!