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  1. My Check VSC light came on with the traction light and also the car is struggling at slow speeds (feels lumpy and underpowered low revs and up hills) . My car is a Lexus GS300 3.0 2006 and I’ve booked it into the garage Thursday to get the code read. Also does anyone know where to buy a new fuel cap? Thanks Walter
  2. Good thanks I’ve only owned the car a week so still get used to it!
  3. Good afternoon, Just want to say hi to all the forum as I’m a newbie (please be gentle) . I’ve just purchased a Lexus GS300 and love it. It’s such a luxurious car and amazing for the money ! Here is some pics for the forums perusal...
  4. Good morning fellow forum earthlings! I've recently purchased a 'Lexus G300 3.0 Auto 2005' and wanting to know a few things - Can you play a DVD in the player? What oil do people use? (brand and spec) Best place to get service parts? What's the best tire pressure? (I hardly carry other people I've been setting it to 36 PSI) Best tires to get? Any ideas would be greatly received. Ta Walter :)
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!