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  1. Thanks @39buss I have the original Centre caps but them but they looked in poor condition in comparison to the wheels after the alloys were reconditioned. Just ordered a new set of generic caps on fleabay, will post photos soon Thanks @Bluesman 🙂
  2. Thanks Steve. The bodyshop run by a mate could squeeze in only a few days of work at short notice whilst I was in between jobs, so was limited to those panels. Have to say I missed it in the second week as I had to commute 50 miles a day on my push bike! Will probably book it in for the rest when I'm away on holiday
  3. Thanks! I'm thinking of getting the rest done, but will need to source a windscreen trim as the original looks damaged and the screen needs to come out for corrosion on the roof to be treated
  4. The bodywork on my LS400 had a few knocks and i think it must have had a botched respray at some point on the near side. It's been bugging me for the last couple of years so I've just had a bare metal respray on both sides. It looks so good now, except the paintwork on the bonnet, roof and boot looks a bit lifeless in comparison! Here are a couple of photos my son took today
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  6. Firstly, I find the posts on this forum invaluable for keeping my car on the road. My 1998 LS400 has been my daily driver for the last 30 months. It's now done 105k miles, I've had a BRC LPG conversation, much of the front and some of the rear suspension renewed and after a recent 4 wheel alignment is handling beautifully. The leather on the steering wheel is in poor condition and hasn't improved with my attempt to restore it. I bought an old 1998 wheel on ebay for £10 and had it slightly padded, thumbpads added and covered in dark grey alcantara by Royal Steering Wheels in Bucks. It arrived today and I've swapped it for the original, see picture below: So far I'm really impressed, really comfortable.