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  1. Page 478 !!! The user guide that came with the car only has 185 pages ??
  2. Thanks Colin Barber I was using the manual supplied with the vehicle, in which I could not find any reference to adjusting the height of the boot. Lexus dealer told me it must be a dodgy sensor and would take it in to look at it, surely they must know about this height adjustment ! I have downloaded the "full" manual from lexus, so much more info. Many Thanks. Roy
  3. I must have a different manual to you then in mine page 118 is part of the " maintenance and care" section and is mentioning Light bulbs, LEDs and condensation build up ??? 😁 Manual pt no: PZ471-U0047-EN V0 Anyone got a different version
  4. Thanks all for your help. With what you suggested and a question placed on internet I found the link below. I obviously didnt wait for a long enough beep !! it actually gave 3 beeps. Thanks, problem solved. Thank goodness for forums like this
  5. Thanks for your replies, I cant find any reference to boot opening height on the dash display, anybody know where to find it ? Neo_gsf thanks for your suggestion, I tried it but it did push up to correct height but when I re tried it was still only halfway (approx) up. thanks for your help
  6. On my NX300 Today I went to open the boot and its only going half way up !! I rang local Lexus dealer who said it must be a sensor problem, but I wonder if anybody has had the same problem. Most grateful for any suggestions.
  7. I should have added that you can change the car voice volume by using settings but I was hoping there was a way to adjust this volume whilst driving.
  8. Hi all I have car play in my NX 300 and I use the "maps" navigation when needed, only problem is the guidance voice seems to have only 1 level of volume !! Has anybody found out how to reduce the voice guidance level when using car play navigation apps ? I have tried the obvious, turning volume down on car audio, no difference, also on my iphone there is a setting on maps guidance with 4 levels of volume .....high, normal, low, and off. neither of which make any difference to the actual car volume. If anybody knows the answer I would grateful Many thanks Roy
  9. Thank you Ken I'll be able to sleep tonight now. I couldn't find any info about that in the handbook.
  10. Hi all First, Happy New Year. I was thinking about my previous Lexus (CT200) when I had a completely flat battery and needed to open the bonnet, but to gain access to the car to use the bonnet catch I had to use the mechanical key, the lock barrel on the ct 200 is in plain sight on the door handle. I was wondering, if this happened on my NX300, where do you insert the mechanical key ? In the manual I found out how to remove the mechanical key from the key fob, but where do you insert this key ( I'm leaving myself open for suggestions here !!) I have looked through the manual (if its th
  11. Thanks I have, unfortunately, purchased a Cplay2air so I wont be able to use it, at least I will, if I understand the replies, be able to use my Samsung on the head unit upgrade using the android part of the upgrade. If I assume wrong please let me know. Thanks for your help
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