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  1. Hi Malc, At my next fill-up I only put the nozzle half in and at a slight angle pulled the trigger and the petrol flowed in full tilt, no probs! This is kinda what John suggested on his reply. Thanks Malc for your suggestion and interest in my issue resolution! Cheers Mike
  2. Thanks Steve, i did try the garden hose down the filler pipe as you kindly suggested. There's a small flap under the filler cap, so pushed through that, them 18" downthe tube there's what seems like another flap, so pushed through that and into the tank i would imagine. I didn't go far beyond this second flap as it was digging into the pipe as i pulled it back again and trying to prevernt the withdrawl.Didn't seem to be a blockage . I assume that the rising head of fuel as you are filling must open this bottom flap and let petrol into tank? Mike
  3. Hii LOC members, i'm fairly new to the club but owned my LS400 for around 3 yrs now. Its a MK4 1998 in good condition with a few age related marks etc. but runs well at just over 142,000 miles covered. It's a great cruising car and i love the build quality, really good. I do find myself with an issue of late thought when i'm refulling at the petrol garage, it takes ages! I end up just trickling it in slowly or the pump cuts out. I believe there's a separate vent line back from the tank to the refil nozzel inlet it's self. Could this be blocked? If so how woiuld i clear that out? Or is it some thing else.If anyone can shine some light on this it would be great ! Thanks Mike.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!