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  1. Thanks m4rkw, a pipe to the oil cooler fractured in a lonely part of Scotland and l lost oil, carried to a local garage pipe fixed and oil added the drip started on the way back south and gets worse after a run stopping when the engine is turned off. have tried various fix it oils but keeps on dripping, have been told that a seal has gone in the gearbox and it would have to come out to repair,local garages don't want to take it on as the view is one thing always leads to another they argue and it could get out of control! I can understand this but l have had it a long time and as you may understand it's not just a car! The car has done 192k and apart from this has been super. l will pop into lexus Preston but don't hold out much hope.l do know l won't be buying a new one without the help of lotto.
  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  3. I have an Rx 300 2001 had it since 2003 good runner lpg by Prinz and well looked after. But a overheat has caused the gearbox to leak and l have been told it is to difficult to fix due to year of car etc. So if anyone knows different or a fair offer for spares mot up 14 April and l have Been told due to an oil drip it won't pass Ive just returned from an 800 round trip to Plymouth no problem l will miss this to this site or any for that matter !