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  1. if you lived near durham i would come and do it for you
  2. still looking guys ,just seen one in the autotrader website for £1000 quid,seems too good to be true,what do yous all reckon
  3. i know some blokes who look like that whitie
  4. dont waste your dosh,top range of oils do the same job.
  5. got to be gay i thinks,not like i have anythink against gays though
  6. marcus brodie


    back of my hols from the costa del solexpensive and now looking in earnest across the range.could anyone fill me in on the soarer,as ive seen these from 2500,and wondered if they are any good
  7. Would the ride ,Silent performance ,Luxury etc.,be greatly different between the gs300 and the ls400
  8. not much difference in price I agree,but come on a Ford PPPPPPPlllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i get the message maneesh,re my other tpoic about custom,some things are just best left alone
  10. i think weve all seen them with there baseball caps on doing the circuits around the drive in macdonalds,trying to impress everybody with there abonomations