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  1. On your iPhone have you selected the option to sync contacts and notifications. On my Bluetooth screen on my iPhone it says Lexus tap that then it gives you another screen to turn on options. Just a thought.
  2. Have you test driven another 2019 CT to see if that has the same problem your experiencing? This will let you know if it’s just your cars sound proofing or if the spec has changed from your previous 2014 CT model.
  3. In November last year I bought a CT200 F sport Premier, I was a little apprehensive about buying it, like you said the reviews were awful and and my previous car was a fiesta ST mark 7 it was a little pocket rocket but driving it round Bristol with the 20mile speed limits everywhere the car couldn’t be driven to its full potential and I was constantly changing gear, the suspension was so hard, in comparison the CT was like driving a bouncy castle. I haven’t once regretted my decision, it’s nice getting out the car without a broken back, it’s so easy to drive, never driven an automatic until now, My ST was loaded with gadgets but my CT has more. I actually like driving again now, it is a different driving experience but one that I have come to love. Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do.
  4. Thanks for the replies 👍 wanted to make sure that this was normal and that a bulb hadn’t blown on the other side.
  5. Today my husband reversed my car out the garage and I noticed it only had a reversing light on the passengers side is this correct? or should there be reversing lights on both sides. Can’t find anything in the manual about this. Thanks Karen
  6. Hope you are enjoying your car. I bought the Azure Blue one, the other colour I considered was the red. I like to be able to find my car in a car park 😃
  7. I don’t know about the two models you mentioned. My initial visit to Lexus Bristol was to just find out about the different models as I was getting very confused whilst looking online. I got them to tell me what was missing between the models, sometimes it’s easy to assume that things we think are standard aren’t. Once they explained the differences it was easy to decide which model best suited me, Good luck with your search. Karen
  8. Thank you for that information would never have found that out, I now want to try it out 👍
  9. Hi Herbie I was just making a point saying if some cars can tell how much battery you have left in the fob, why can’t they tell you about a battery that is attached to the car. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Thank you for your replies, I won’t intentionally allow the battery to go flat but these things happen, and I want to be prepared should it happen and know what to do, especially if it’s stuck in the garage. It’s a shame that the car doesn’t tell you if the 12 volt battery is going flat and not holding its charge. My last car told me when the fob battery was running low, brought up a warning on the screen telling me how much battery I had left. That was my first indication that it needed replacing as every thing still worked fine.
  11. Thank you for your reply, that helps, I think I will order a jump starter, now decisions decisions which one? From what I have read the CT doesn’t have a shift lock button to over ride whilst in ‘Park’ mode when you can’t start the car as it is just a button you push. Not part of the gear shift. Previously I searched on You Tube, American Lexus sites etc and they said can’t be done on a Lexus CT. If they are wrong can someone please tell me how to do this, you can never have too much information. Thank you Karen
  12. Since I got my CT 5 months ago I’m getting a little bit paranoid about the 12 volt battery failing whilst parked in my garage, didn’t fully appreciate at the time of buying that it had 2 batteries. My concern is that if it ever failed I wouldn’t be able to jump start it as cables wouldn’t be long enough as the car has to be driven into the garage, and being automatic it couldn’t be pushed out. I have been looking at getting a Tacklife T8 or something like that, but the jumper cables don’t appear to be that long. When I picked up my car the salesman showed me where to attach the cables should it ever need a jump start, but I don’t think the cables are long enough from a device like this. I know where the positive red cable goes is there any where else closer where the black lead can be attached? If you use a device ike this which one do you use? It may never happen, but I do like my long holidays, so I just want to be prepared and have a quick fix without having to wait for the AA. Thanks Karen
  13. Thanks for the welcome, for years I had an MG TF and that was definitely like driving a go Kart. Loved being part of the MG forum where the owners there were very knowledgable and welcoming. I am sure the more I drive my car I will start thinking of questions to ask, as this was an impulse buy I didn’t know much about hybrid cars and how they worked, but by just reading old and new posts I have learnt a lot already.
  14. I thought it was about time I joined this club, I have had my CT for 5 months. I visited my Lexus showroom in November with the view of gaining as much information as I could about the CT it was really a fact finding mission, I didn’t know anything about hybrids and never driven an automatic before. I just knew that I wanted to change my car in the new year. I wanted a 4 door and a car that didn’t break my back and would fit in our garage as parking is a nightmare where I live. My car at the time was a fiesta ST a great car but boy was the suspension hard, and it was a nightmare trying to keep to the 20 mile speed limit constantly up and down the gears. It was a quiet afternoon at the dealership, so I got a salesman to take me for a drive as a passenger in one of their demo cars I wanted to see what it sounded like and how It performed. When we returned I started looking at the the pre owned cars with the view that I would know the differences between the car models and the packs which were available should I order one in the new year. Then I saw it, a CT200h F sport Premiere in Azure Blue, it looked amazing. The salesman asked if I wanted to sit in it at first I said no but could feel myself being drawn to the car so in the end agreed. I could see the differences compared to the demo car it had a sunroof, bigger screen etc It only had 2900 miles on the clock, it was a staff members car who left. I went home and couldn’t get the car out of my mind, even though I hadn’t driven it. I love gadgets and this car had it all dipping wing mirrors when parallel parking (which I love) Two days later I phoned for a test drive in this car as I wanted to check the suspension of the F sport, didn’t want to make the same mistake as the ST after reading reviews on here about a hard suspension. Ten minutes into the test drive I wanted this car, the suspension was like driving a bouncy castle, I made sure I drove around the same streets for a fair comparison. After the test drive the deal was done. For city driving the CT is great and so comfortable, which is probably 90% of my driving but it’s no slouch on a motor way, It’s slower picking up speed than my ST but a much more enjoyable journey. 5 months in on an impulse buy, I am still loving this car. Here is a picture of when I first saw my car.
  15. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!