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  1. Well I'm still not decided on the lexus or the 300 but I think the ls with rear package and cream leather and in silver would be a splendid car for weddings and airport chauffeur work. The 300s do look nice especially the second gen and they are popular with chauffeurs in ireland but they are equally as popular with mechanics which I've had enough of with second hand German land yachts. Any idea of fuel costs for a 2007/8 Ls 600h/460? Would it really make much difference in fuel saving with the hybrid? I suppose been stuck in traffic alot it actually would!🤔 Decision decisions Any more advice on this topic would appreciated Thankyou guys
  2. Thanks guys sorry for the typo approx 30k to 40k per annum. The reason why I was contemplating the 300 I because it's used her in ireland also asa wedding car I'm not sure i would get many wedding bookings in a 2008 lexus ls460 Also in choosing the 460 as the 600h boot is too small.
  3. Hi guys new to the forum here. I'm looking for advice about buying a 2008 lexus 460/600h fory chauffeur business. I'm sick of the german unreliability of second hand luxury cars. Currently running a w212 e250 power steering lock packed in today @150000km Any ways I do approx 400000km per annum and am contemplating a ls or a chrysler 300 crd.. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!