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  1. Thanks for all of your replies, I spent another hour sat on the driveway scrolling through the handbook & options and have now figured it out. When you first press the cruise button it selects adaptive as a default which leads to the 5mph increments, however, if you hold the cruise select button down for a couple of seconds it changes the mode to select 'normal' cruise and allows the 1mph increments to be selected. Happy days. Now I just need to get to grips with the main display options :-)
  2. Just parted company with my Jaguar XE so a very different beast
  3. Thanks for the replies, Handbook isn't particularly clear and can't seem to select 'regular' cruise without the adaptive/radar kicking in. Still early days, many more hours of exploring to come.
  4. Greta News!! Have just taken delivery of my F-Sport after ordering it back in March. Very pleased so far. Have been wading through the myriad of options and controls but one which has stumped me is the cruise control. when I set the speed at say 68mph, when I increase or decrease it rounds up to the nearest 5mph then increases each press by a further 5mph so only able to cruise at 65, 70, 75 etc. Am I missing something or is this correct? every other car I've has allowed 1mph increases or decreases on the cruise function.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  6. Hi all - I ordered my F-Sport as company car replacement two weeks ago, having initially been offered the 'base' ES and successfully haggled for the upgrade. Initially delivery was July but this has now moved back to January 2020 !!!!! Has anyone else seen this kind of delay quoted?