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  1. 460 has a chain 😉 Service history is about risk. Otherwise bounce the corners to check shocks, check all the electrics, floppy glovebox is 30 mins work, preferable would be replaced arms (or bushes), brakes are diy cheap. Rgds Jim
  2. Lowered, bespoilered, tubbed, couple of blowers, roll cage - come on man stop being a tease and tell us what you’ve done 😂 Looking forward to this one Jim
  3. So near and yet so far! Having cleared the codes and got everything back to normal I noticed that the Parking Brake was now, erm, garbage! I put it down to old shoes on new Disk/drum so ordered and fitted new parking brake shoes. Still Garbage! Bugger 🤯 So it turns out that after releasing the EPB manually that I will now need to reset the “Zero Point” and/or initialise the EPB actuator PERFORM PARKING BRAKE SHOE BEDDING (a) Perform parking brake shoe bedding See: Testing and Inspection/Programming and Relearning. Here is where I am going to need some help! I can only find part of the manual that explains how to do this (I’ve done the manual brake shoe adjustment already) electronically via Techstream - does anyone have a link to the other pages of This supplement to the workshop manual Or if someone knows what to do in Techstream that would be even better ? Many thanks Jim
  4. Oil Filter changed, looked a bit twisted, otherwise OK, oil looked reasonably clean so it’s had some TLC fairly recently which is good. Cabin air filter was predictably grotty but easy to change, tightening up the glove box lock stops looks horrific but only took 30 mins Following this link thankfully 😅 Jim
  5. Thanks Aido - just checked and confirmed the near total lack of Service History! Ah well, on with the catching up 🙂 Thanks Jim
  6. Well, following on from finding and buying my LS460 Original post I’ve covered about 800 miles now and it’s every bit as smooth and comfortable as I had hoped for! I had a nice 60 mile waft up the M40 and got surprising fuel economy, although to be fair my normal commute of 30 miles each way is about 10 miles of slow A/B Roads And 20 miles of Motorway and that gets me 26MPG which I am still happy with. I knew that the Service History was pretty flaky when I bought the car so first thing was the Air Filters - yuk, obviously not changed for a couple of years 😞. Next up was to replace all the brake disks and pads, I’ve done my own for years, how hard can it be............ I whipped off a rear wheel, popped off the Caliper, removed the pads and then realised that the E-Handbrake was still on and therefore I couldn’t remove the disk (my first time with a E-Handbrake), no probs I thought, I’ll just start the engine and flick the switch to stop the handbrake from coming on. Jump into the drivers seat, foot on brake pedal, push the start button, servo wakes up...pedal drops a bit...dash lights up like a bloody Christmas tree with every sort of warning light known to mankind - IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT Being a smartarse car it recognises that the rear caliper pistons have moved excessive fluid compared to the others (caliper is clear of the disk and has no pads in it remember!), assumes there is a fluid leak, locks off that fluid circuit from the ABS module and warns you that Armageddon is approaching, do not pass go, do not collect £200, in fact go to dealer and deposit wads of cash with them to sort the problem out, or....... Go to E-Bay, cross your fingers, buy an OBD interface lead and some TIS TechStream software EBAY Link to Lead Load the software onto an old Win7 Laptop, cleared the codes and life was good - I claim a lucky escape this time 🙂. But at least I learned something new and now have the Software should any other sensors etc decide to throw a wobbly! Next stop is the Oil Filter/Oil, Cabin Filter - even I can’t duff that up....can I? So in summary, after 6 weeks, LOVE IT. !!! Jim
  7. You can get replacement valves for these on fleabay for about £10. I had 2 sensors replaced by MK Lexus for £350 a month ago, so chappy is talking doo-doo at £1200! Jim
  8. They do have Air all round. From the reading I’ve done it appears that ride height sensors are more prone to failure than the shocks themselves, there are aftermarket versions available that bring the pain factor down should they go pop though. My Merc had air all round and dropped to it’s bump stops one night, I replaced the pump for £120 DIY, I figure that the lack of depreciation will allow me to budget for more than a few K’s worth of unplanned maintenance. Rgds Jim
  9. I came out of a company car 4 years ago for the same reason as you. My steed of choice then was a Merc S Class (2004 W220), it was brilliant! Wafty/bargy hugeness! Sadly it got written off 6 weeks ago.....so I bought an LS460SEL (2006) more toys than Hamleys and 2 steps up the comfort ladder compared to the Merc. I contemplated the 600H as well but the thought of a CVT gearbox put me off (for no good reason) plus they are only available at £15k+ in sensible mileage. Jim
  10. 79K Miles, £7000 V cheap compared to the rest of the 460’s for sale currently, BUT, it does need a set of disks/pads soonish, and the Service History is absent (not a massive issue for me as I self service my cars anyway). Regards Jim
  11. 4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim