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  1. 79K Miles, £7000 V cheap compared to the rest of the 460’s for sale currently, BUT, it does need a set of disks/pads soonish, and the Service History is absent (not a massive issue for me as I self service my cars anyway). Regards Jim
  2. 4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim
  3. Well that didn’t end how I expected it to 🙁, re the rads, yep Valeo chocolate rads! Food for thought Thanks Jim
  4. Hi John, I think Black is a bit gloomy for me and the red wood makes my teeth itch 😁 (beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder etc), I’m pretty flexible on the rest. Good shout re speaking to the dealer! I’ll pop into my local one in Reading and see if they will spill the beans. Jeff, I do like a stamped book, equally I do all my own maintenance (where possible), maybe I should get a bit braver and look at higher mileage ones (scope creep to LS600H approaching!) Rgds Jim
  5. Hi All, Having had my Merc S class (2004, W220) written off 2 weeks ago, and having had 2 Mercs in a row I thought it about time I sample the joys of Lexus ownership, I’ve covered hundreds of miles looking at the ones advertised on E-Bay/Autotrader/Gumtree and failed miserable to find a “good” one (subjective I know, sorry), have to say that the ride quality is comfortably better than the Merc! Is there somewhere I am missing my searches? My preference would be LS460 SE-L, not Black, not the red wood interior (ideally below 100K miles) - anyone here on the cusp of selling please shout!! Thanks Jim
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!