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  1. Can you change the font size on a 10” display as the dab radio details as in the track and artist are always truncated no big deal just irritating
  2. I have a new CT200 only done about 1200 miles. When I put my foot on the brake at low speeds it clicks quite loudly any ideas
  3. Had my new 19 plate CT200 for a month now and love it
  4. It is new as in 19 plate I have tried it with both the recirculating switch on and off Thanks
  5. I have just got a new CT200 very happy, with the exception of it misting up for no reason during a journey not at the start as the comments above say the ac clears it. I usually have the climate control on auto and the misting “just happens” any other ideas ?
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. Casares


      Thank you Steve