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  1. I agree. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely follow that up. I have been using thick blanket material as a protector. The Lexus leather seats are incredibly comfortable and the soft leather is great. It was just a surprise to find they needed a seat protector when the same childseats were fine in my previous car. Its a useful warning to others.
  2. I put two universal childseats in the back of my RCF secured by the seatbelts. Never again. They left horrible indents in the leather. My previous car also had perforated leather and was no problem, but Lexus leather is clearly softer than that on the Honda Legend. Various YouTube videos suggested lots of rubbing and a hairdryer. It was hot boring work but the leather recovered. After and before....
  3. Not sure how to insert links, but if you look back on this forum to May you will see a thread entitled ISF reappears for sale.it has been on sale for a year and possibly longer. Good luck in your search for an ISF.
  4. In the two months I’ve owned mine - this is the first other F car I’ve stumbled across. Parked in the furthest corner of a large car park near St Albans clearly hoping nobody would park next to them.
  5. 2011 car just appeared on auto trader. £18,495. No mention of sunroof though.
  6. I really feel for you. I set my heart on a 2011 onwards ISF about September last year, the problem was I wasn’t going to have the funds until April 1st. Over the winter last year there was plenty of choice. From what I recall on Autotrader there were two dark platinum ones in Cardiff and London and two blue ones in Scotland. These stayed on the market for weeks before they were sold. There was also one in Belfast that sold quickly. And the red one that is still on the market. But by April 1st it was just the red one left and since then that overpriced blue one. I was advised on this forum to check out RCFs which can be had for similar money and that worked out well for me. Could it work for you?
  7. Thanks that sounds the way to go. I’ll first see what I can achieve with them on the car though. I’d be worried about loosening them and then losing one. Prefer a less than perfect result to a three tip look!
  8. Thanks Graham and Arqum. I have forwarded Graham's reply to the seller and hope he finds the lost fob! Cheers John
  9. So a few weeks back I decided to go for a late ISF (like many otheres recently I've noted) and on a thread discussing the red/brown one that reappeared on Autotrader d3ron gave me some advice "Make sure whatever you do, you don't pay over the odds. Some of the later isf's for sale are dangerously close to rcf prices". So I followed his advice and last night put down a deposit on this pretty blue RCF. I am sure I will be coming back to this forum with lots of questions in the coming weeks, but to start with....The current owner who has had the car since it was a demonstrator was using what he described as a master key and the keyless fob thing. I asked if that was all he had and he promised to check. So how many keys and of what type should I be getting? I would be very grateful for any quick replies before I collect the car on Wednesday next week, the 5th June. Thank you. Oh and question number 2. How do I bring the shine back to those four chrome exhaust tips? Thanks in advance for any help .
  10. Thanks Colin for your comprehensive pdf. The post 2012 updates were all complete news to me.
  11. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the UK had any with that spec. It’s the late 2011-13 with the revised suspension set up that I have my eye open for but have an open mind as all my knowledge is from written and video reviews.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I know what you mean about high prices. Around Christmas there was a very nice looking example at Lexus in Edgeware Road for £31k which only came down to I think 28k. When I make up my mind to buy a particular car it is a huge decision for me as I tend to keep a car for 9 or 10 years. I currently drive a Honda Legend bought in 2010. But they are a lot more common than the ISF as they sold over 500 of those, but even with a Honda after 170,000 miles there is the worry that something expensive might go pop and unlike the ISF, the Legend depreciated to virtually nothing a few years back. So I still hope a final facelift version will come up in the next six weeks or so otherwise, as suggested I will just buy the best example I can find.
  13. Just in case anyone else sees this car for sale. If you look closely at the photos in the advert, paricularly front offside, there is clearly a rough respray of the bumper and bonnet leading edge. I gather it has also been resprayed around the sides. You can see it has a black wheel refurb. It has been up for sale now at two dealers for a long time hence the tempting price. Maybe a good buy for someone prepared to redo some of the paintwork? Me - I'm going to keep looking.
  14. I have finally decided to go for an ISF and I really fancy a final facelift version. I’ve been watching Autotrader for 6 months and seen a handful of good ones come and go, but now I’m ready to make my move, this red one is the only one left. I’ve just registered for the forum so don’t yet seem eligible to PM you as suggested, but if you could message me with some info that would be fantastic.