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  1. Did you know you can buy an RCF for £10.99 on Ebay? This surprise lockdown present arrived today to give me something to play with during these restrictive times for the full size version. Even has detailed RCF interior.
  2. Today was the first day I could have my MOT and retain the original date. It was a fantastic and legal excuse to drive the twistiest route I could find to Lexus Cheltenham which was still open for MOTs. Not sure if that will remain the case after today’s announcement. But a great opportunity to peruse the showroom with two LC500s and this immaculate late GSF that is being sold on behalf of a local very well known customer who no longer needs it in his collection!
  3. A heads-up Reading this week’s Autocar I see that the 11th March issue will include the ISF buyers guide.
  4. On the adaptive cruise issue often this time of year the glass Lexus badge on the radiator grill which covers the radar can get very salty/dirty blocking the signal. I also have had success with dehumidifiers in the car over the years. In my experience if you have damp in the car it can take a surprisingly long time to dry out even if the source of the damp is stopped. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for embedding the link. Pleased you were entertained. If it’s your sort of thing and didn’t catch it at the time - Sarah-n-Tuned did a yellow 2019 RCF and you get to see more sunshine, more Arizona and lots of yellow!
  6. Not worked out how to embed links, but there’s a blue calipered silver GSF being driven around in the sunshine of Arizona on the Sarah-n-Tuned YouTube channel. Enjoy!
  7. I agree. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely follow that up. I have been using thick blanket material as a protector. The Lexus leather seats are incredibly comfortable and the soft leather is great. It was just a surprise to find they needed a seat protector when the same childseats were fine in my previous car. Its a useful warning to others.
  8. I put two universal childseats in the back of my RCF secured by the seatbelts. Never again. They left horrible indents in the leather. My previous car also had perforated leather and was no problem, but Lexus leather is clearly softer than that on the Honda Legend. Various YouTube videos suggested lots of rubbing and a hairdryer. It was hot boring work but the leather recovered. After and before....
  9. Not sure how to insert links, but if you look back on this forum to May you will see a thread entitled ISF reappears for sale.it has been on sale for a year and possibly longer. Good luck in your search for an ISF.
  10. In the two months I’ve owned mine - this is the first other F car I’ve stumbled across. Parked in the furthest corner of a large car park near St Albans clearly hoping nobody would park next to them.
  11. 2011 car just appeared on auto trader. £18,495. No mention of sunroof though.
  12. I really feel for you. I set my heart on a 2011 onwards ISF about September last year, the problem was I wasn’t going to have the funds until April 1st. Over the winter last year there was plenty of choice. From what I recall on Autotrader there were two dark platinum ones in Cardiff and London and two blue ones in Scotland. These stayed on the market for weeks before they were sold. There was also one in Belfast that sold quickly. And the red one that is still on the market. But by April 1st it was just the red one left and since then that overpriced blue one. I was advised on this forum to check out RCFs which can be had for similar money and that worked out well for me. Could it work for you?
  13. Thanks that sounds the way to go. I’ll first see what I can achieve with them on the car though. I’d be worried about loosening them and then losing one. Prefer a less than perfect result to a three tip look!
  14. Thanks Graham and Arqum. I have forwarded Graham's reply to the seller and hope he finds the lost fob! Cheers John