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  1. Hi All, Hoping someone can help with an issue that’s what really irritating me. I’ve had my IS300h 2014 F-Sport for just over 3 weeks now. But I’ve noticed a squeak from the wheels at low speeds - probably up to 25 mph. If I had to say I’d say it’s louder when turning left. I’ve booked the car in to have it looked at for this problem and another but dealership can’t get to it until mid October. As I got it from a Lexus dealership I have the year’s warranty. Ive seen a few posts on this in here but no resolution as the original poster doesn’t come back to say if it was ever sorted or how that was done. Understandable as we’re all busy I guess. Anyhow, anyone else had this issue and found a resolution? Paid a lot for the car so a bit disappointed by this and a few other niggles but hopefully just teething problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ken
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