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  1. The braking on these takes some getting used to because of the way the regenerative and conventional friction brakes are managed by the hybrid system. The car will always stop, and can stop very quickly if necessary, but you can never be entirely sure what the response will be when you hit the brake pedal.
  2. Mine is type A, and button 5 moves the head restraint - it may also do something to the very top of the seat. The head restraint itself is quite different to the illustration a few pages later in the manual, and defies all attempts to adjust it directly.
  3. If you have the Premier model with memory seats I think you will find that the fore and aft adjustment is electric: it's one of the many buttons on the seat itself. The height adjustment is still manual, but the headrest itself is a different design to that in the manual and on the video.
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      Thanks Steve a quick question lexus rx300 2006 fault codes c1223 abs control malfunction and c1249 open circuit in stop light switch circuit any ideas of solution. Thanks Simon